Decorating Your Getaway Car

Your getaway car is a fun addition to your wedding day. You can use it to get from your ceremony to the reception, or just to get to your accommodation once the party is over. It can be very exciting because people will toot their horns and salute to the newlyweds.


Decorating your getaway car is very easy and you can do it yourself! You can transform your own vehicle, or simply hire one and add a few chic details to make it look festive. Your wedding car is also a fantastic photo opportunity, so why not choose something really special like a beautiful old-timer or a vintage cab!

Traditionally, a wedding car should be picked and decorated by the groomsmen, while the bridesmaids can help them with their creative ideas. The car is usually adorned with fresh blooms, satin ribbons, old metal tins and a “just married” slogan. However, there are different ways to decorate your getaway car, and the design depends on your wedding theme and the type of the vehicle you have chosen. Nowadays it is very trendy to hire a vintage car and decorate it in an old-fashioned way. Attaching cans and bottles to the back bumper is hip, but it also popular to use big pom poms made from paper. They are super cute and you can either choose colours that match your wedding theme, or pick some lovely bright hues.

Make sure to avoid materials that can damage the car paint such as whipped cream, silly string or electrical tape. If you want to write a fun slogan on the window you can do it in an old-school way by using bar soap or shaving foam, or buy vinyl window clings which are easy to use and easy to clean. 

Decorating your getaway car with balloons is another fabulous idea. They are very noticeable so it will definitely make a statement. You can even buy balloons with the slogan “just married” written on them. White balloons are very stylish and glamorous, especially if you combine them with white ribbons. They are a great match for a white car and would also look amazing with a blue or red vintage Volkswagen for example. You can also pick balloons in different colours which will go very nicely with a white retro car.

You should definitely focus on the outside and do your best to make it pretty and classical. The safest way is to use traditional wedding decorations such as white tulle, satin ribbons and fresh flowers because they look cheerful and everybody loves them.

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