Wedding Day Timing Do’s & Don'ts

From getting ready in the morning to the last dance in the evening, there many different parts of your special day which will need to be coordinated perfectly. Timing is everything!

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Many couples say that your wedding day goes so quickly and it is easy to let it slip away without you even noticing. Timing can really make or break the whole event, so leave enough time between each part of your wedding so that you can take in every moment, but try not to make big gaps where you leave your guests waiting.

DO Make a detailed timeline

It is important to create a timeline that is as detailed as possible. Ideally you will have it finished weeks before the wedding and distribute it to all of the members of your bridal party, the necessary wedding vendors and your MC. Couples often forget to include details like toasts, dances, exchanging gifts and transportation. 

DON'T forget to make a list of your vendors

Don’t forget to make a list of all your wedding vendors and their contact details so that they can all get in touch with each other instead of asking you or the groom. Review all the arrangements you made to ensure that everything goes without a glitch on the day.

DO start your preparations early

It's never too early to start getting ready! Get up early the day of your wedding, have a nutritious breakfast and be ready for when your hairdresser and make-up artist arrive. You may need to do your morning beauty routine, drink a cup of coffee and prepare some snacks for the bridesmaids, so add this all to your timeline as well.

DON'T rush when getting ready

Getting ready is the first exciting part of the day, so don’t rush it. Leave plenty of time and enjoy every minute of it. You may need to add an extra hour or two to allow for traffic if people are driving to where you are getting ready. You will want enough time for your wedding photographer to take those getting ready snaps and any family snaps. 

DO allow extra time if your ceremony & reception are not at the same venue

It's much easier for you and your guests if you have your ceremony and reception at the same venue, but if that's not the case, then make sure that you organise transport and calculate time carefully. Always add a little extra to the time you think you will need for the transport! Especially if you are transporting guests from your ceremony location ot your reception venue.

DON'T allow too much time between each part of your wedding

But as much as it is important to leave enough space between various parts of your wedding, especially if travelling between different locations is included in the itinerary, you should be careful to avoid one common mistake there. Namely, some couples make huge gaps and a lot of time is wasted and you aren't left with a lot of time at the reception. 

DO allow extra time for family portraits

Making family photos at your wedding is a must, but it may be a little difficult to organise. Make sure that you have enough time for that too and ask someone to help gather family members. When we asked cpuples what they wish they had photos of nine times our of ten it was family shots. Make a list of all the family shots you would like to capture.

DON'T wait too long for the cake cutting

Cake cutting is that moment when guests start thinking about heading home, especially if they have a long distance to drive. Some of your guests, especially the elderly or parents with kids might want to leave early, so don’t let everyone wait too long for your cake! 

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