Wedding Day Must-Have List

The day of your wedding will be very busy, so make sure not to forget anything important. Here is your ultimate must-have list!

1. Healthy Breakfast/Lunch

A healthy meal in the morning will give you energy and keep you going until lunch time, so don’t forget to organise it beforehand! From yummy cereals and refreshing smoothies to eggs and toasts, check out our 5 wedding day breakfast ideas to get inspired. And you also need to eat something while doing your hair and make-up with the bridesmaids, so make sure to read our article on what to eat while getting ready as well.

2. Extra Boutonniere

Boutonnieres can easily get damaged or lost, so make sure to have a few spare ones. Most brides forget about this important detail and tell their florist to make the exact number of boutonnieres they will need on the day. But those extra ones you order may be very handy!

3. Wedding Emergency Kit

You have booked a hair stylist and a make-up artist, but don’t forget that you may need to do some touch-ups during the day. We think every bride needs to have a little cosmetic first aid kit to deal with the wedding day beauty emergencies.

4. Ear Plugs for Older Guests

Will you have a live band or a DJ performing at your wedding reception? Wedding entertainment usually involves loud music and some of your guests might not be so happy with it. Bring a few pairs of ear plugs for any guests who might find the music too loud.

5. Umbrellas

If you are expecting rain on your big day, make sure to bring enough umbrellas so that nobody gets soaked. Choose big ones because they offer better protection, especially if it is pouring outside. You can also ask some of your friends or ushers to escort guests from their cars to the ceremony or reception venue.

6. Handkerchief/Tissues

And just because you never know when you will need them, make sure to pack handkerchiefs or tissues. It is best to keep them in your bag that will go everywhere with you, or ask your maid of honour to carry them for you together with the wedding emergency kit. 

7. Print A List Of Your Vendors

And don’t leave the house without the full list of your wedding vendors and their contact numbers in case anything goes wrong and you need to quickly fix a problem or get some extra supplies.

8. Print A Shoot List

From entering reception venue to the send-off you want all the key moments of your wedding to be captured by your photographer which is why making a wedding photography checklist is a must. Make sure to have a print copy on the day of the wedding! See our article on your photography checklist.

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