What To Eat While Getting Ready

Treat your bridal party and family members with some light food and refreshments while getting ready for your big day! Here are some useful tips…

You have selected canapés for the cocktail hour as well as a fabulous menu for the reception, but you also need to think about the food for you and your bridal party while you are getting ready. From healthy and nutritious snacks to bite-sized food or even delicious gourmet takeaway, opt for something which isn’t too messy and will keep everyone going until lunch or dinner.

Your getting ready menu will depend on the time of day you are getting ready. If it is early in the morning, then a nice simple breakfast is the perfect option, but if it is already lunch time then consider something more substantial like sandwiches.

The choice of food will also depend on the location. If you are in a hotel then just select a few items from the room service menu or arrange prior to the day for a range of food platters. If you are getting ready at home then consider takeaway or prepare some finger food and snacks.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to consider the number of people you need to cater for. There should be enough food and beverage for everyone (and a few extras like your photographer or hairdresser). Include more than one food option if some of your bridal party have special dietary requirements such as vegan or gluten-free.

Are you getting ready early in the morning and would like to serve a light breakfast? Mini croissants served with hot beverages such as coffee or tea is just perfect! If you want a healthier option, go for muesli with yogurt and fresh fruit. 

Getting ready at lunchtime and want something that can be eaten on the go, without plates or cutlery? Bite-sized food is great, so serve mini quiches, home-made pies or small sandwiches and some simple desserts such as cupcakes or macarons.

Or do you want to serve some light snacks? Prepare a selection of nibbles such as nuts, dried fruit, crackers and protein bars. If you prefer something a little more elegant, serve platters with selected cheeses and fruit!

Need a quick solution? Just order pizza for everyone!

And make sure to provide a lot of minerals or fruit infused water for everyone which is a better idea than serving alcohol so early in the day.

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