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If you’re like many brides-to-be, when your wedding day dawns you’ll feel nervous: butterflies in the tummy, clammy hands, a wild desire to giggle, or sometimes to shed a few anxious tears.

The front door bell rings and it’s the florist with your bouquet, your bridesmaids’ posies, the corsages, buttonholes and a few other floral delights. Where to put them? By now the excitement level in the house is probably rising alarmingly so avoid a pre-marriage meltdown with a few deep breaths and a cup of tea or a soft drink. Keep in mind that your hair and make-up should be done after your bridesmaids’, so that you can look your freshest for the ceremony.

It’s nearly time to get dressed. But before you do, crack that celebratory bottle of chilled champers, sit down with your mum, dad and your best girlfriends, fill their glasses and propose a very special toast of your own to thank them for their love, understanding and support. Let them know how much you appreciate all their help and support during the lead up to your big day. 

Your photographer has now arrived to take shots of you getting ready. Suddenly the flurry of activity is over and there’s nothing left to do. Your bridesmaids are dressed and look wonderful. Your dad’s dashing in his suit and your mum’s sensational in her new outfit. The cars have arrived and you turn to check yourself in the mirror one last time. And there you catch a glimpse of a beautiful, wide-eyed bride in a fairytale gown, glowing with happiness. This is the moment you have spent months preparing for.

You pause for a moment before going to join your dad in the bridal car, and it pulls away from the kerb, you hold his hand tightly and enjoy the special moments you have together before you arrive at your wedding venue.

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