Getting Ready

Suddenly the realisation hits you – it’s the eve of your wedding and it’s time to focus on what’s really important… you!

Let’s face it, you can spend the remaining hours sweating the small stuff, or you could curl up with a book, unwind with an hour’s yoga, have a relaxing massage, enjoy lunch with your girlfriends – you get the idea… And don’t arrange your hen’s night for the eve of your wedding. You should have a quiet, relaxed evening that allows you time to unwind. Also, bridesmaids often stay with the bride on the eve of the wedding so that you can all enjoy breakfast together before the bustle of the day begins.

If you’ve booked hair and make-up professionals, allow sufficient time to enjoy the pampering before you dress, and remember, your bridesmaids should dress first so that you can look over their outfits to ensure no detail has been forgotten. Approximately one-and-a-half hours before you leave for the ceremony, you should start dressing. You should savour this special time with your mum and bridesmaids – they are there to help you so enjoy this precious time.

On the way to your ceremony, your bridesmaids will travel in the first car, while you and your father will follow in the main bridal car. Also keep in mind that while it’s customary for the bride to be fashionably late, there are other considerations, for example, another wedding may be taking place at the same venue straight after yours.

When you arrive, take a few moments to pose for your photographer as you alight from the vehicle. Now’s a good time to check your gown, hair, veil and make-up. This also gives your ushers the opportunity to ensure that everyone is seated, while your groom and his best man take their positions. And now the moment is all yours. It’s finally here. Take a big, deep breath and walk confidently towards your future.

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