Dealing With Emergencies On The Day

From pouring rain to medical problems, there are many unexpected difficulties that could happen on the day. It is important to take every precaution and have backup plans for anything that may go wrong.

Weather Conditions

If you are planning a wedding in an outdoor location, there is always a possibility that weather conditions will obstruct your wedding plans, especially because you have to book the venue well in advance. The most common problem is that the bride and groom find an idyllic outdoor setting and then a downpour spoils their plans. It is not enough just to have a plan B, but you must make sure that it is as good as plan A. You don’t want your wedding day to become a major disappointment, so be equally enthusiastic when making a backup plan. Putting up a nice marquee on the location is the best option as it will protect you from the rain and you will still be able to enjoy the view. You should also have umbrellas and raincoats ready in the event of a sudden downpour. 

Health Concerns

People may have medical problems on the day of your wedding reception, so you should keep this in mind and prepare for emergency situations. Firstly you need to find out whether any of your guests coming have a health problem and find out what you can do to help them on the day. Also make sure that you have a medical expert at the venue who will be able to help before the ambulance arrives and appoint someone from the bridal party to carry a first aid kit with them. You should bring bandages, aspirins and pain killers.

Small Children

Small children can easily get bored at wedding receptions and make a lot of noise. This can be a big problem if there are many kids at the reception, since parents will find it hard to control them. Hiring wedding nannies is a brilliant idea because they will make sure that your smaller guests are safe and having fun. You can even put up a tent for the kids inside the venue where they will constantly be entertained with toys, books, games and colouring books. If there aren’t many children at the wedding, parents can hire nannies who will act as an extra pair of hands and even take them to bed before the party is over.

Other Inconveniences

There are also minor emergencies that can ruin your day, so make a list of all possible problems and try to prepare yourself beforehand. Bring an extra pair of shoes in case your heel breaks, prepare an emergency beauty and sewing kit so that you can fix any minor problems such as a stain on your dress, a broken strap or make-up touch-ups. Have a backup plan in case one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen is sick and inform everyone how to act if this happens. It is better to be safe than sorry, so prepare for the worst but expect the best!

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