Make Fitness A Lifestyle With Fitbit Flex

Fitbit’s Flex wristband is perfect for newlywed couples who lead dynamic lives. It is a chic gadget that tracks steps, distance, calories burned, your sleep and helps you organise your time and monitor your trends to improve health and wellbeing.


This stylish, wearable gadget is the most popular Fitbit products as it is a brilliant mix of functionality and great design. It goes on your wrist and measures steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled and hours slept. You can wear it during night too as it monitors the quality of your sleep and wakes you up in the morning or after a short nap with gentle vibration and silent sound that will not disturb your partner.

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Sync your stats and see your progress!

Flex can easily be connected to your smartphone or computer so that you can analyse your statistics. It automatically syncs your data to PC’s Mac’s, IOS devices and android phones without pushing any buttons. Since it comes with free online tools and a mobile app, you can easily monitor your progress through graphs and charts.

Fitbit works well with many popular health apps and lets you export data their way. Lose it! is a great match if you are trying to lose weight while Run Keeper is perfect for running, but there are also many other compatible apps to choose from.

Fitbit Flex is slim and elegant so you can wear it all the time. It is also waterproof which means that you don’t need to take it off to shower and it is pretty resistant to different weather conditions. It comes with a battery which is rechargeable via a USB cable and can easily last between five and seven days without needing to be charged. Most importantly, this gadget allows you to set a goal and uses LED lights to show your progress. It lights up like a scoreboard and challenges you to be more active during the day by making fitness more fun.

We think Flex is a great everyday companion for the newlywed couples. The tracker itself is very small and flexible, so you can take it out and put into any colourful bands to fit your mood. There are 10 amazing shades to choose from and you can purchase more than one band so that you can fit it into any styling.

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