Changing Your Last Name: The Pros & Cons

Will you change your last name after the wedding? It is an old tradition, but more and more brides nowadays prefer keep their maiden name.

Today about 80% of Australian brides decide to change their name after the wedding, but the number of women who prefer to break this tradition is growing. Before you make the big decision, weigh up the pros and cons carefully: 

PRO: You and your children will have the same surname

This is one of the main reasons for changing your last name after you get married. A shared last name creates a stronger bond between you and your children. You will never be in a situation where you will have to prove that you are your child’s mother, and you will never have to explain to the little ones why their parents have different last names.

CON: You will have to sort out the paperwork

Many brides are dreading the complexities of paperwork after they change their name. You will have to change all of your documents including driver’s licence, ID, passport, credit cards, health insurance, social media profiles… the list goes on. Even though this might not be as complicated as you think you still need to allocate some time for the administrative tasks. 

PRO: You can change your identity

If you never liked your maiden name, changing it after the wedding is probably on the top of your to-do list! Some surnames are difficult to spell or pronounce, and some are associated with bad reputation. Another good reason to change your name is a possibility to reinvent yourself and start a new career with a new name. 

CON: It can affect your career

More and more couples decide to get married later in life, after they have already established successful careers and it might be hard for a woman to completely change her identity. If many people in your field of work already know you, you might not want to risk losing the good reputation by switching to a new last name. 

PRO: You will feel more connected with your husband

Most grooms love when their bride chooses to take his name. You will probably make him happier by taking his name and you will have a sense of unity. Having a shared last name also means easier business transactions. If you ever have to do anything on behalf of your spouse, different names can cause confusion. 

CON: You will feel distanced from your roots

If your family means a lot to you and especially if you are the last descendant, it is probably hard for you to think about changing your name. Many brides are proud of their ancestors and changing their name feels like you are distancing yourself from your origins. 

PRO: You will avoid many misunderstandings

Once you are married many people will assume that you have taking your husband’s name. If you don't change your name you may have to constantly correct people. Your elderly family members might even give you the hard time about it not chaning your name. Many brides simply feel that it is easier and more traditional to change their name to avoid confusions and awkward situations. 

CON: It will be hard to part with your maiden name

For some brides, changing their last name seems even more confusing. So many people are used to your maiden name and some of them will probably continue to use it. Even you might keep forgetting to use your new name which might lead to misunderstandings. 

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