10 Creative Ways To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Celebrate your wedding anniversary in style and plan a romantic date that is just a little bit less ordinary!

1. Rent a cosy room in town

If you want something a little more extravagant than dinner at home or going to a restaurant, rent a honeymoon suite in a romantic hotel, or find a fabulous apartment on Airbnb. This unexpected change of scenery will instantly put you in the mood for love.

2. Organise a romantic picnic lunch

Dining alone surrounded by stunning scenery is a fantastic idea, so find a picturesque spot nearby, be it a remote beach, a lush park or a beautiful lake. Fill a picnic basket with all your favourite foods and, of course, don’t forget to bring a bottle of Champagne to toast to your marriage! 

3. Dine under the stars

A romantic dinner under the stars in a remote outdoor location is even better. You can also have the dinner at your own house in the garden, or even on your rooftop if you live in an apartment block. As long as you have delicious food and mood lighting, you can create the perfect setting for an intimate dining experience. 

4. Take in some culture

Turn a night out into a fun cultural experience and go see a movie or a theatre play, visit a museum or gallery you both love, or even head off to a poetry event. If you love culture, then this is the perfect idea for your romantic celebration which you can finish off with a candle-lit dinner in your favourite restaurant.

5. Tasting experience

Whether you are passionate about beer, wine, chocolate or something else, you can treat yourself with a tasting experience. It can be a fabulous excursion out of town where you can stay in romantic accommodation. Why not add a romantic activity to your itinerary such as a balloon ride or a picnic in the country.

6. Treat yourselves with a dinner cruise

Combine a celebratory dinner with a romantic cruise and have a meal on the boat. Your wedding anniversary deserves a little bit more than an ordinary restaurant and this is a great way to spend that special evening.

7. Re-create your first date

If you want an anniversary that will stay in your memory forever, then repeat your very first date but with a small creative twist to make it even better. You can even pretend you don’t know each other well and try to get to know each other all over again.

8. Renew your vows

Renewing your vows is one of the most thoughtful things you can do to mark your wedding anniversary. Turn your date into a ceremony! You can host it at the very same spot where you exchanged your vows for the first time, or find a completely new location such as a remote beach or a mountain top.

9. Enjoy a movie night at home

A cosy night in with lots of romantic movies and your favourite food and sweets is an all-time classic. This plan simply can’t fail if you love the same kind of movies or enjoy watching your personal favourites repeatedly. 

10. Hire a chef to make a romantic dinner at home

Cooking together is always a good idea, but if you want a special feast why not do something really unique and hire a professional chef to make a gourmet meal for the two of you! All you need to do is put some candles and nice crockery on the table and enjoy the dinner!

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