Family Planning

Finding the right time to start a new chapter… Marriage is a big milestone in your life and extending your family should be the next big step.

Friends and family will begin to ask you about it right after you have celebrated your nuptials and you may even feel pressured. However, there is no need to rush, and before you even start thinking about children, you may want to spend some time enjoying your new life as a married couple.

Starting a family is a personal decision and nowadays couples don’t have strict rules to obey. Many newlyweds are not even considering having children in the first couple of years of marriage and would rather focus on their careers and possibly travelling. Becoming a parent is a big responsibility, so our best piece of advice to newly married couples is to wait until you are fully prepared for that next big chapter in your lives.

When you feel that the time is right and you think that you are ready to go the next stage, discuss it with your husband and make a plan that will make both of you happy. Mutual understanding is crucial if you want to have a happy family. After all, it is a decision that concerns both of you.

Once you decide to extend your family, you need to discuss it with your General Practitioner who will help and guide you on that journey. It is essential that it is a person that you trust and have good relationship with.

Talking to your friends who already have children is a great idea because you will be able to pick up some useful tips, but you can also consult one of the family planning organisations. There are many of them throughout Australia and their purpose is to provide you with all the support and information you might need. Couples who are about to have their first child are going to discover a whole new universe which is why talking to a professional will be very helpful. Expert and passionate members of staff will be happy to give you plenty of useful booklets and advise you.

Children will completely change your life and make you feel happier, but also make you think and behave more responsibly. They will also take your relationship to a new level and create a stronger bond between husband and wife, so think about it as a new, joyful adventure!

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