5 Romantic Ways To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Your wedding anniversary is an important milestone and a great excuse to do something incredibly romantic! Here are 5 great ways to celebrate…

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1. Re-live the most romantic moments you've shared together

Go down memory lane and think about the best dates, holidays and, of course, your wedding day and honeymoon. These unforgettable moments will live in your memory even longer if you re-live them all over again. You can re-create your first date, have a candle-lit dinner at your wedding venue or even go on a second honeymoon!

2. Plan a road trip

In the mood for a fun weekend away? Pack your bags and go on a romantic road trip. You can organise a wine tour, spend a few days in a country house, go camping, relax on a beach or head off to a spa retreat to unwind! Or perhaps be a little more adventurous and go on a hot air balloon or a helicopter ride, arrange a sailing trip or explore one of Australia’s amazing national parks.

3. Spend a romantic day at home

Sometimes there is nothing more romantic than being at home together, and we think it is one of the best ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary! Start with an indulgent breakfast in bed (include a bottle of champagne too) and end the day with a candle-lit dinner you cooked together, or watch movies all night and order your favourite takeaway food! You can even have a little intimate picnic in your own garden and then watch your wedding video.

4. Renew your vows

Remember that magic moment when you exchanged your vows at your ceremony? Confirm your love for each other find a romantic spot to recite your vows. It can be your wedding ceremony location or a beautiful spot you discovered together more recently. You can then celebrate your vow renewal with a lunch or dinner at your favourite restaurant!

5. Do something you have never done before

Remember the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Let it inspire you to do something utterly original for your wedding anniversary! Think of the fun things you always wanted to do but never had time or courage to do them. It can be something childish or even crazy, as long as it makes you both happy!

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