Recipe For Newly Wed Bliss

The celebrations are over, you have just returned from your honeymoon and it is time to start your new life together… These tips will help you jump straight into newly-wed bliss!

For some couples, the first year of marriage is the happiest one, while others find it daunting. Whether you have just moved into your marital home or you have been living together for a while, marriage is a new milestone and a new challenge. There may be some obstacles on the road, but you should try to make the journey as pleasant as possible. This is a part of your relationship which should be dedicated to getting to know each other better, setting up the routines of everyday life and establishing the very foundation of your marriage.

1. Change the ‘I’ perspective with the ‘We’ perspective!

Being married means that you are no longer alone and that you should be making decisions together with your partner. You will be sharing the good and the bad, so start thinking and saying ‘we’ instead of ‘I’. This also implies having no secrets and discussing all the important issues with your spouse. Counselling experts also say that it is very important to be open and honest about the finances because it will make your marriage more stable.

2. Talk about problems

Even if there is something little that annoys you, it is best to discuss it with your partner immediately then to let it grow into something bigger which could be harder to solve easily. Small problems in marriage can lead to serious conflicts if you don’t talk about them, so don’t underestimate even the smallest issues. If you hate the fact that he leaves his socks in the wrong places or doesn’t do the laundry properly, do mention it that rather than piling up minuses in your head. And the same goes for him!

3. Gestures matter

From breakfasts in bed and arranging birthday surprises for each other to small acts of kindness, it is important to show love and appreciation regularly. Even if it is just saying big thank you for something that he or she has done, surprising him or her with a kiss, leaving a note on the fridge or buying a small gift, these little things will make your everyday life much happier and possibly prevent potential conflicts.

4. Do exciting things together regularly

No matter how busy you are, make sure to always plan something fun you can do together. It can be anything from a cosy candle-lit dinner in your own home or in your favourite restaurant and watching a film at the cinema to spending a romantic weekend at a countryside or oceanfront retreat. You should have something you will look forward to doing every week, and don’t let anything spoil it. It is also a good idea to establish some rituals such as having a dinner out every Friday or arranging a romantic weekend away every month.

5. Socialise

It is important to spend quality time together, but you need to socialise as well. Your relationship will be much happier if both of you hang out with your own and each other’s friends. Expand your circles and try to bring everyone together. If you just moved into your new marital home, organise a house warming party, or throw a bash for no reason. You can also plan an evening out with a bunch of friends if you prefer. Statistics show that couples who socialise more have a happier marriage than those who tend to spend too much time with each other.

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