1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Your 1st wedding anniversary is the most important celebration after your big day, and what better way to mark such a significant date, than with a romantic dinner and stylish gifts! Whether you prefer modern or traditional presents, we will help you pick the right ones.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

According to tradition, your 1st wedding anniversary gifts should be made of paper. Every anniversary is connected to certain type of material which is representing the strength of the bond that ranges from fragile paper to a solid diamond. Paper is delicate and its intertwined threads of paper symbolise a union between a husband and wife in their first year of marriage. Couples usually give each other elegant journals, calendars, photo albums or monogrammed stationery, but if you want to respect the classical ritual and still be original, there are many other options to consider.

There are so many things made of paper including books, maps, posters and even tickets for a show or an exciting holiday destination. Start by reflecting on your life together, things you both like and enjoy doing together. Your wedding anniversary gifts can anything from an extra delicious breakfast in bed served with newspapers, to something more elaborate like a personalised diary accompanied by an expensive bottle of wine. The type of flower traditionally given for the 1st wedding anniversary is carnation which comes in variety of colours, and you can easily pair it with a beautiful paper gift.

Non-Traditional Presents

To mark your 1st wedding anniversary, you can also choose a non-traditional present accompanied by a small DIY paper gift such as a notebook, framed photography or a card. Think what your partner really loves, and surprise him or her with a piece of jewellery, bespoke perfume, champagne and cake, fashion accessory, trendy gadget or a romantic weekend away!

Giving clocks for the 1st wedding anniversary is a more recent tradition which gives you plenty of possibilities. From a fashionable wrist watch to a fabulous wall clock or a vintage pocket watch personalised with an inscription, it can be a wonderful wedding anniversary gift that will stand the test of time.

Handmade presents are some of the best wedding anniversary gifts because they are so personal. A cute DIY creation will be much appreciated, so be inventive and make a pretty collage, present a handwritten poem, create a book with 100 reasons why you love your partner or bake a delicious meal!

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