VOID Watches For Stylish Grooms

An elegant watch is a must-have accessory for every groom and it is important to choose a stylish and durable timepiece that will last a lifetime rather than just a trendy gadget.


With its timeless, minimalistic design, VOID Watches is the epitome of Swedish aesthetics, which is based on the philosophy of simplicity. Swedish designer and engineer, David Ericsson who has a degree in mechanical engineering and an eye for product design, established the brand in 2008. He created a line that is incomparable to any other as it combines high quality materials and superb technology with clean, simple shapes. His timeless contemporary design has a unique twist as he uses original forms and colour combinations, but also introducing extravagant ways to tell time.

The Original VO1EL

The Original VO1EL

The first model VOID Watches ever produced was VO1EL and it features an elegant, square-shaped case made from stainless steel with an inverted LCD display located in the lower half of it.

It comes in an array of beautiful colours and is finished with both leather straps and stainless steel bracelets. This gorgeous timekeeper is equipped with only the most basic functions and the display is protected with mineral crystals, which make it extremely durable. 

The New VO2

The New VO2

The V02 model has the same case design as the V01E but uses unusual way to tell time. Equipped with two compass needle hands, the short hand representing the hours and the long handindicating the minutes as on any regular watch.

Each hand has one red and one white tip at opposite ends where each coloured tip corresponds to the digit with the matching colour on the dial. By changing the traditional way to display time the user is encouraged to reflect on its value.

The Traditional Kind

The Traditional Kind

For grooms who prefer traditional round watches, VOID Watches created a V03 range which includes five different models of round watches with different functions.

While V03A features a sophisticated alarm function, V03B has a simple, basic design. V03C incorporates a chronograph based on the Japanese OS25 Quartz movement from Miyota, V03D comes with a date window and V03M is a beautiful mechanical watch.

A Contemporary Design

A Contemporary Design

The SOND by VOID Watches will awe you with its cool, contemporary design. This truly unique timekeeper has an innovative locking mechanism that uses the watch itself to secure the nylon watchband. This not only greatly reduces the number of moving parts but also creates an interesting contrast of colors and materials.

The SOND color system consists of three elements: The watchcase, the nylon watchband and the two silicone fitting loops that hold the band in place. With eight colors available of each component we can create over 500 unique color combinations without any tools or training.

The VOID Watches range also includes chic cufflinks made from 100% recyclable aluminium. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, and with zero moving parts, they will last a lifetime.

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