How To Write A Flawless Groom’s Speech

The groom’s speech should be brief, well-constructed, (performed sober) and have a hint of emotion. Follow our simple guidelines to make your speech one to be remembered…

How To Write A Flawless Groom’s Speech | Love Fool Photography
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Keep it short & simple

While the best man’s speech can be longer, humorous, and more elaborate, a groom's speech should be short and simple. Jot down everything you want to say, make an outline and then start filling the gaps. Begin by thanking the father of the bride who will have spoken before you and end by announcing your best man. In-between these two lines you should thank everyone and most importantly speak about the bride. A couple of minutes will be enough to say everything.

Thank everyone

Traditional wedding etiquette states that the groom’s speech should be focused on expressing gratitude. You should thank everyone for attending the wedding and for your gifts, but also acknowledge everyone who helped you to organise the whole event but don’t make it sound like you are reading a list.

People you should mention

Make sure to say a few kind words about the bride’s parents, then mention your parents as well. Thank all the members of the wedding party, but try to specifically mention the best man, the maid of honour, bridesmaids and groomsmen. If there is anyone else who helped you plan the wedding, then mention them too. You don’t have to mention everyone individually. If it is a long list, just make it shorter by addressing groups of people.

Focus on the bride

The best way to bring your wedding speech to an end is to speak about your bride. Say something sweet, mention how beautiful she looks and how happy and proud you are to be her husband. You can also reverse the order and begin by praising your bride and then proceed with thanking her parents, your parents and everyone else involved with the wedding.

Call her your wife

A groom's speech is the best opportunity to call the bride your wife for the first time in your life. She will be touched by this gesture and it might be a very emotional moment for her! Make sure to write your thoughts down on paper and practice at home until you memorise every word. Don’t improvise this part because you want it to be nothing short of perfect.

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