How To Dress For A Chic Wedding: A Groom's Guide

Not all men are born with an intrinsic sense of style. For those of us who rarely put on a suit, choosing the perfect groom attire can be a challenge. However, even the most stylistically challenged man can look chic on his wedding day.

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Compared to what brides go through while dress shopping, picking a groom outfit may seem like a walk in the park. However, many grooms will be surprised to discover just how many fashion decisions they'll have to make. Between settling on a colour scheme to picking the perfectly shaped tie, there's a lot that goes into looking good on a wedding day.

It's important for men not to get overwhelmed by the possibilities. While carefully considering each article of clothing may be daunting, the selection process can be fun if you go into it with the right attitude. The key is to plan ahead and start shopping at least three months before your big day. By giving yourself plenty of time search stores and compare prices, you'll be able to save money and prevent last-minute hassles. Your bride and guests will also notice the extra effort you put into your attire.

Of course, the benefits of being a chic groom go far beyond simply appeasing your family. If you look good, you'll also feel more comfortable as you enjoy the festivities of your reception. Remember, those wedding photos and videos will last a lifetime. There's nothing worse than being reminded of an ugly suit every time you flip through the wedding album. Let's face it; your wedding is the one time of your life where you must look good.

Determining Your Dress Code

Determining Your Dress Code
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Before getting into the nuts and bolts of your wedding attire, you'll have to decide on the dress code for your ceremony and reception. This starts with determining the formality of the occasion. The most formal of weddings will be black tie affairs, which require tuxedos and bow ties. On the other end of the spectrum are casual ceremonies where the groom may even forgo a blazer. Most weddings fall between the two extremes into the semi-formal realm. No matter how casual the ceremony may be, the groom can find creative ways to look chic.

The wedding location and time of day will also affect your clothing options. For example, a beach ceremony during the day may present opportunities for wearing pastel tones and more breathable fabrics. An indoor evening wedding will call for darker colours and a full suit. While lighter colours are generally reserved for daytime events, grooms should feel free to bend some rules.

Coordinating With Your Partner

Coordinating With Your Partner
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On your wedding day, you may feel like a fashion accessory to your bride. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. With the proper amount of fashion collaboration, the bride and groom will be able to complement each other. If your bride's dress is a carefully guarded secret, it's important to at least find out some general style information. You'll want to make sure that your outfit is dressy enough to stand up to her gown.

The bride and groom must also decide on the wedding colours. Depending on the wedding, these hues could be loose suggestions or strict requirements. The groom should try to incorporate the colours into his attire in creative and subtle ways. Rather than making an entire jacket or vest match the palette, work in the colours through boutonnieres, lapel pins, cufflinks or pocket squares.

Finding The Right Fit

Finding The Right Fit
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It's impossible to underestimate the wonders of a perfectly tailored suit. Even the most expensive tux will look ugly if it's not cut to fit your body type. However, any suit can be altered to make you look slimmer, bulkier or even taller. When going to the tailor, grooms will want to remember the following:

• Jacket sleeves should end where your thumb meets your wrist.
• There should be about a quarter of an inch of shirt cuff showing below your jacket sleeves.
• The highest button on a two-button jacket should be above your navel.
• The middle button on a three-button jacket should be above your navel.
• Shoulder pads should extend right to the end of your shoulders.
• Ties should fit snugly around your collar.
• Trousers should be comfortable and extend to about an inch of break over the shoes.

Consider Your Groomsmen

Consider Your Groomsmen
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In most weddings, the groom and his groomsmen dress in a similar style. They may all have matching belts, ties, socks, shoes and/or suspenders. However, this does not mean that all the guys should be dressed identically. Set yourself apart by picking out some unique accessories. For example, you may decide to add a cummerbund, vest or bow tie to your attire. Resist the urge to sport a style that's completely different from that of your groomsmen. You don't want to be standing at the altar in a seersucker suit while your groomsmen are all decked out in tuxes.

While you'll be making the final decision on attire, it may be wise to think about how the theme will work with the others in the groom party. Your friends will thank you if you opt for something more "vintage hip" than, say, "clown superhero." While you're at it, be sure to consider the bridesmaids as well. Since the bridesmaids and groomsmen will be appearing together throughout the wedding, their outfits should be complementary.

Own Your Style

Own Your Style
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At the end of the day, it's important to be comfortable on your wedding day. Your attire should reflect your personality rather than look like a "costume." If you're planning a chic wedding, don't be afraid to work in some nontraditional touches. Try pairing khaki pants with a nice blazer or even wearing a long cravat tie with a tux. After the big day is over, your suit may become an essential part of your wardrobe.

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Ivette works in marketing at Politix, an Australian-based menswear store that specialises in providing accessible luxury men's clothing. Politix believes in focusing on quality and allow men in Australia to be well dressed for any occasion or dress code.

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