A Guide To Writing The Best Man’s Speech

Performing a great speech at the reception is one of the best man’s key responsibilities, so read our tips on how to structure it, what to include and how to deliver it.

Tips for writing your speech

  1. Start preparing your speech early. Unless you already have a lot of experience in writing speeches, you will most likely need some time to perfect it, or maybe even make a few different versions and then choose one of them.
  2. The key element of your speech should be a personal story that involves the groom, so brainstorm until you find a really good story that can be told in a few sentences and can be appealing to anyone in the audience.
  3. You should avoid internal jokes only you and a few friends can understand and make sure not to insult anyone. Mentioning ex partners, talking about sex or swearing is not considered appropriate. Remember that the audience will most likely include young and old family members, so always think about the people you will be addressing.
  4. If you are good with making jokes, don’t be shy to include them in your best man’s speech, but if it is not something you feel comfortable with, then don’t force yourself to be funny.
  5. Since the whole event is not just about the groom, but also about the bride, make sure to speak about her as well. Try to remember what the groom had told you when he introduced her to you and think of a story worth telling that involves both of them.
  6. Don’t forget that the best wedding speeches are short and amusing, so keep it under 6 minutes and time yourself while practicing at home.

The structure of your speech

  1. Start your speech by introducing yourself and addressing everyone in the room. After the opening line, you can say how proud you are that you have been chosen to be the groom’s best man and tell everyone how much you enjoyed all the pre-wedding fun with the happy couple and rest of the bridal party. This introductory part should be brief and sharp.
  2. To introduce the central story you are about to tell, say how long you have been friends with the groom and let everyone know how much this friendship means to you. Then you need to illustrate the friendship with a short but effective story from the past.
  3. Make sure you you mention the bride and say how much she has changed the groom, or tell a short story about the two of them if you feel you have time for that.
  4. Finally, end your speech on a positive note and wish the best of luck to the bride and groom.

Tips for delivering your speech

  1. While the content of your speech is crucial, it is also important how you deliver it on the day. This is why it is important to think about the presentation and practice beforehand.
  2. To make an effective beginning and ending of your speech, raise your voice a little when saying the opening and closing lines. It is also a good idea to make eye contact with people in the audience occasionally because this will make everyone more focused on your speech. Memorising parts of your speech is also a very good trick to keep the audience engaged.
  3. Practice delivering your speech before the wedding! This will help you feel more confident and memorise some of the lines. But even if you learn the speech make sure to have it in front of you at the reception, because you may suddenly forget everything once you encounter the audience.

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