The Groom's Responsibilities

While the bride is normally in charge of things like flower arrangements, decorating the venue, choosing guest favours and ordering the wedding cake, the groom’s main responsibilities include, booking wedding transport, organising payment for the church, venue fees and preparing the speech.

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Traditionally, grooms were not too much involved in the whole wedding planning process and brides got to do most of the work. However, times have changes, and it is now very important that the groom is involved throughout the process of wedding planning. Firstly, all of the major decisions such as choosing the date and location, setting the budget, making the guest list, deciding on the size and setting the theme of the wedding should be made by both partners. Secondly, a groom should perform all his traditional duties and consult his bride when appropriate. A couple should work as a team because it makes the job so much easier and less stressful.

Choose your bridal party

The first thing that the groom needs to do is choose his best man, then also his groomsmen and page boys, and give their contact details to the bride. The best man is groom’s most important accomplice who will help him every step of the way throughout the wedding planning process, while groomsmen and page boys are there to assist him on the wedding day.

Arrange the wedding transport

The groom should also arrange the wedding transport. From extravagant ideas such as flying your bride in a private jet to hiring a lovely vintage car, this is a great chance to be creative. The smart choice for wedding transport can be a great photo opportunity, so choosing something stylish and flamboyant rather than a simple car definitely pays off.

Manage the ceremony fees

Organising the payment of church fees is another important detail grooms must take care of, and they should also pay for the wedding ceremony venue fees. While choosing locations for both the ceremony and wedding reception should be done by the bride and groom together, managing fees is traditionally the groom’s responsibility.

Prepare your speech

Preparing a speech might sound like a daunting task, but it can, in fact be an easy thing to do. You can start by thanking everybody who was involved in the wedding preparations and include a toast to the bridesmaids. Since you are giving a speech for both you and the bride, using “we” instead of “I” is more appropriate. Finally, speak about your bride and maybe tell a romantic story about how you met her.

Purchase gifts

The groom should purchase gifts for his best man, groomsmen and page boy. When choosing a present for the best man think of something personal that shows how much you appreciate his help. It can be anything from a vintage flask or a bottle of expensive alcohol to a nice pocket watch or a pair of personalised cufflinks.

Arrange payment for the flowers

He should also pay for the bride’s bouquet, both mothers’ corsages and the bridesmaids’ bouquets, and buy buttonholes for himself, his groomsmen and close male relatives. However, the most important gift the groom needs to buy is that little special something for the bride! From a pair of diamond earrings to a bottle of her favourite fragrance, he should make sure to choose something that will delight her. The present should be delivered to her on the wedding day, while she is getting ready.

Organise your honeymoon

Finally, the groom should arrange the honeymoon trip. He can either choose the destination himself and keep the destination a secret until the wedding day, or consult the bride about it, but traditionally it is his responsibility to make all necessary travel and accommodation bookings and ensure passports, visas and other travel documents are ready to go.

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