Wedding Planning Tips For The Groom

In the wedding planning process the bride is traditionally in charge of most of the things from decorating the venue and booking photographers to choosing the wedding cake, but the groom’s role is just as important, especially if he knows when to step in.

Help your bride with important decisions…

While choosing floral arrangements and decorating tables might not be his field of expertise, the groom can participate in many other segments of organising a wedding. It is common knowledge that 80% of wedding costs are coming from 20% of decisions. These important decisions are usually concerning the guest list, the venue and the date, which is why the bride and groom should discuss those issues and make decisions together. The groom can help the bride narrow down the guest list, pick a reasonably priced wedding venue and choose a convenient date.

Be involved in something you are passionate about…

A wedding is a one-of-a-kind event in every man’s life, which is why he should think of a way to add a personal touch to it. Whether it is his culinary talent, obsession with cars or love for music and film, every groom should find a way to include something he is passionate about to his big day. He can offer to sort out the menu and include some of his favourite dishes to it, arrange a spectacular send-off in his favourite car, or pick a band or a DJ to play the couples favourite music at the reception.

Choose your entourage…

Every groom needs his best man and groomsmen to help and support him, but also make the wedding and buck’s night special. Choosing the best man might be a daunting task because this person should be your main accomplice throughout the wedding planning and on the day. It is best to opt for someone responsible and reliable, but he should be someone close to you as well. The choice of groomsmen and ushers is important too as they are male equivalents of bridesmaids. This should be your dream team so don’t make any compromises you will regret. And don’t forget to buy them a gift to give at the rehearsal dinner or on the day!

Write a great speech…

According to traditional rules, the best man, father of the bride and groom himself should give a speech at the reception. The speeches are usually a big part of the wedding video, which is going to be replayed many times and saved for generations to come. This is why it is important to try and make it as good as possible. You can even ask your friends or relatives to help you with writing it down if you don’t feel inspired.

Plan the perfect honeymoon…

Traditionally, it is a groom’s responsibility to organise a honeymoon, even though many modern couples prefer to plan it together. Whether you want to surprise your bride or ask her to help you choose the destination, make sure that it is a journey both of you will remember for a lifetime. Your honeymoon should definitely be more than just a regular holiday, so opt for a spectacular faraway destination rather than a place you can visit any time. If you find that more convenient, organise two trips instead of one, and go for a short honeymoon right after the wedding, while leaving the big journey for later. Why not surprise her with a romantic dinner or activity that you can do together while your away!

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