How To Tie A Tie

An elegant tie is a must-have accessory for every groom, but tying the knot might be a bit of a challenge for some. There are many ways to tie a tie and the choice of the knot depends on the type of collar, selection of fabrics and how formal the event is.

Four-in-hand Knot

The easiest way to tie a tie is with a four-in-hand knot. This asymmetrical style is also known as “schoolboy” and even though it works for most informal occasions, it is not elegant enough for glamorous events such as weddings. It looks best with smaller spread collars and goes with skinny or medium-width ties. It is definitely not an ideal match for a classical dinner jacket, but it will work for you if you are having an informal wedding reception and wearing a casual suit.


Windsor tie knot is perfect for formal events and it is reserved for very special occasions when you want to look very elegant and glamorous. For this big, symmetrical, triangular knot you need a long and wide silk tie and it works best with wide spread collars. This is definitely the best knot if you are having a formal wedding reception and you want to make a statement with your necktie. You can make a double Windsor knot to make it even more noticeable.


Half-windsor is another triangular, symmetrical knot which is perfectly suitable for formal wedding receptions. This knot is easier to make than the full windsor and the only difference that it isn’t as big and as dramatic as its older brother. Since you don’t need to fold it too many times, the tie doesn’t need to be very long and it looks good with shirts that have medium spread collars.


Shelby is another symmetrical type of knot which can be worn in literally every occasion from a regular day at work or a business lunch to a formal dinner party or a wedding reception. With its medium size which is a little bigger than four-in-hand and a little smaller than full windsor, this knot is elegant enough for a lush dinner jacket and simple enough for a casual suit which you would normally choose for an informal wedding. The back of the narrow end faces up so you must make sure that the wide end is big enough to camouflage it.

Diagonal Knot

If you prefer a fashionable knot that looks a little bit different, try diagonal knot which has two layers and an interesting asymmetrical shape. You can wear it with different types of shirts, but make sure to choose a tie carefully. It should be made of a lightweight fabric which is not too slippery and our advice is to avoid colourful patterns because it will divert attention away from the knot itself.

Eldredge Knot

Eldredge knot is the most recent invention and it is perfect for grooms who want something original. This type of knot is becoming more and more popular thanks to the social media, but it remains to be seen whether it will be fully excepted in the world of men’s fashion, or just thrown away as a temporary trend. It is the most complicated and the most extravagant looking knot of them all and it takes no less than 14 steps to make it. While this unusual layered shape isn’t exactly the ideal option for a job interview in a serious company, you can wear it at weddings because they are very elegant and decorative.

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