Fashionable Boutonniere Ideas

From lush flowers to quirky designs, the boutonniere can be a fun addition to the groom’s outfit. If you need some inspiration, have a look at our favourite trends…

Single Flower

Single Flower

If you are going for a traditional formal wedding, your boutonniere shouldn’t be too crazy. The safest option is to mimic the bride’s bouquet and choose the same variety of flowers in very similar colours. To make it chic and simple, pick a single flower instead of making the whole arrangement. It can be anything from a lush white rose or a mini orchid to a bright red poppy or a yellow narcissus.  

If you are having a vintage or rustic themed wedding, a single flower is also a nice option, but you can also add a few romantic details such as an old key, big button, burlap leaf, velvet ribbon, old lace or even a piece of fabric with a vintage pattern on it.

All Green

All Green
Image by Mink Studio

With nature inspired weddings being very popular this year, green boutonnieres are a fabulous alternative to colourful blooms. You can use decorative plants and dry leaves instead of flowers to make a fabulous boutonniere. Think succulents, ferns, olive leafs, eucalyptus, oak leaves with acorns and hypericum berries.

Lime green goes wonderfully with dark grey, and you can even use these two colours for your wedding theme. Green is also a wonderful match for a classical black tuxedo, so choose a plant that resembles a lush flower to make it look elegant and traditional, but also unique and modern at the same time.

Feathered Designs

Feathered Designs

Feathered boutonnieres are one of our favourite trends at the moment. From a single pheasant feather to a small bunch of bright-coloured feathers, you can rock this trend in many different ways. You can combine feathers with small flowers in the same colour, or make a miniature mismatched feathered bouquet in bright hues. Get inspired by the bride’s flowers and use the same colours, but make it feathery rather than flowery.

Feathers are also perfect for trendy vintage themed weddings influenced by the roaring twenties. You can combine white feathers with roses, beads, lace and satin ribbon to make it romantic and unique.

Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flowers
Boutonniere by Etsy

Artificial flowers are an interesting alternative to fresh blooms, you can choose different fabrics and fun patterns. From bright coloured felt flowers which are very playful and child-like to gleaming satin, fake blooms can look even more flamboyant than the real thing. While fresh flowers will end up in a dust bin, the ones made from fabric can make a lovely keepsake. 

A flower-shaped medallion made from a decorative ribbon is also very stylish and works well for semi-formal and informal weddings. Instead of matching your boutonniere with bride’s bouquet, you can pair it with your tie.

Fun & Whimsical

Fun & Whimsical

From metal badges with quirky slogans to small plastic toys, pinwheels and sea shells, many modern grooms like to be witty with their boutonniere choice. You can decorate your lapel with virtually anything you think is jokey including a miniature bird’s nest with eggs in it or a plastic skull.

However, if you prefer something stylish, think about your wedding theme and work out which symbols are connected to it. Old photos, rusty keys and analogue clock dials are popular for vintage themed receptions, while compass mechanisms, small anchors and white ropes are used for weddings inspired with sailing and adventures.

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