HelloFresh – A Culinary Journey

Do you have special dietary requirements? Don’t worry, HelloFresh has you covered.

HelloFresh Meal Plans

Our team was thrilled to be trialling two weekly meal boxes by HelloFresh – the popular food delivery service.

And, to make things complicated, we were feeding two omnivores, a semi-vegetarian, and two vegans. We knew this was going to be interesting!

We had requested a box from both the Classic Plan and the Veggie Plan for four people. And, we were all like children on Christmas morning as we opened each box to the sounds of lots of oohs and ahhs. We liked the eco-friendly nature of the plain brown boxes and large paper bags that contain each meal.

As each meal is packed separately within the boxes, it makes it very easy to store in the fridge. It was fun to open each pack and having a look at all the fabulous fresh food within. We pulled out the dry ingredients and decided what we were going to cook that day.

We were specifically interested in how our brides and grooms-to-be could benefit from HelloFresh during the busy pre-wedding planning stage. With so many wedding vendors and venues to book and appraise, dress fittings to attend and countless decisions to make, it can be difficult to find the time to cook fresh, healthy meals. Yet, this is the time you want to eat really well so you look your absolute best on your special day.

And so, our HelloFresh culinary journey began…

Meal 1: Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas with Yoghurt & Cos-Cucumber Garden Salad

We started our journey with the Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas with Yoghurt & Cos-Cucumber Garden Salad as the recipe card recommended to “Eat Me Early” as there is chicken included. It really couldn’t be easier to prepare each dish as the double-sided recipe card is extremely detailed and easy to follow, outlining every piece of kitchen equipment you will need to utilise. 

HelloFresh | Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

We loved the description of each dish on the recipe card and this one read: “These enchiladas filled with succulent shredded chicken and carrot are definitely worthy of an important dinner conversation. So, practise your poetry and dust off your dialogue, you’re in for a good old-fashioned family dinner tonight.”

It’s was really nice to have the large, printed recipe card in the kitchen, and not to rely on a mobile phone, or tablet to read the instructions. We could pass it around and also commented that we would keep it in our recipe file for future use.

All elements of the dish: the chicken, vegetables, and salad were so fresh and simple to prepare and it was a dream to be provided with all of the ingredients in just the right amounts to complete the dish. We felt this was a great dish for children as the veggies are hidden in the mini-flour tortillas and what child doesn’t love a cheesy enchilada!

To veganise (our made-up word for it) this dish we replaced the chicken with Fry’s Family Golden Crumbed Schnitzels, the greek yoghurt with coconut yoghurt, and the cheddar cheese with homemade vegan parmesan. Too easy!

The dish is designed for four people, but we easily served five. We loved sitting together and critiquing the final dish, which was delicious.

Meal 2: Herby Ciabatta Italian Beans with Parmesan & Oregano

Meal 2: Herby Ciabatta Italian Beans with Parmesan & Oregano

The description of this dish on the recipe card read: “These Italian beans are so tasty you’ll be fighting over leftovers. There’s plenty of cheesy crunch too, for the perfect comfort food hit.”

The image of the final dish on the recipe card looked so inviting and we couldn’t believe the range of fresh, healthy ingredients that were provided. An enormous bag of baby spinach leaves was included and they were fresher than any we had bought at leading supermarkets.

This was a delicious one-pot meal that the whole family is sure to love. It would be perfect for meat-free Mondays as it was quick and easy to prepare which is always welcome at the beginning of the working week. We felt the croutons provided a nice crunch while also mopping up the yummy sauce. The dish was really fresh and tasty and the portions were generous.

It can be difficult to get children to eat bean-based meals, but in this dish, they are so cleverly hidden under the crunchy herby ciabatta croutons, that the little ones will hardly notice they are there.

And should your omnivore family members want meat, then it would be easy to serve a piece of fish, chicken or steak on the side.

We veganised this dish by using our yummy homemade parmesan cheese (cashew nuts, nutritional yeast and herb salt). And, you could also substitute the brown sugar with coconut sugar or maple syrup if preferred.

Meal 3: Indonesian Chicken, Bacon & Veggie Fried Rice with Roasted Cashews

Day 2 saw us tackling the Indonesian Chicken, Bacon & Veggie Fried Rice with Roasted Cashews and we were all very excited to be back in the kitchen testing and tasting. We have all been to Bali and felt this dish was inspired by the Indonesian classic, Nasi Goreng – a tried and true favourite amongst us all.

HelloFresh | Indonesian Fried Rice

The recipe card description read: “Fried rice is one of our summer favourites, and Indonesian food has some of the best flavour combinations ever. Not only does it taste great, but it’s a real feast of textures, too – from succulent chicken to crunchy roasted cashews.”

There were definitely more steps to this dish, but all were easy and effortless.

To satisfy our vegans we cooked this dish in two separate frypans which allowed the chicken, bacon and eggs to go into one, and our vegan alternatives of mushroom and tofu in the other.

We loved the flavours and textures of this mildly spiced dish, and felt the finely shredded cos lettuce, spring onion, red chilli and lime added a freshness and lightness which was absolutely delicious.

You could easily extend the dish for lunches the next day by adding additional veggies and rice.

The recipe includes cashew nuts but these could easily be omitted if there is anyone with nut allergies in your family.

Meal 4: Zaatar Crusted Haloumi with Herbed Mediterranean Veggie Pearl Couscous

Meal 4: Zaatar Crusted Haloumi with Herbed Mediterranean Veggie Pearl Couscous

Next, we cooked the Zaatar Crusted Haloumi with Herbed Mediterranean Veggie Pearl Couscous dish. We loved all of the little sachets provided including the lemon pepper spice blend, pearl couscous, zaatar, and halloumi. You would never go out and buy the range of herbs, spices, cheeses and condiments for one week of cooking that are individually provided by HelloFresh. They are little surprise packets of flavour and, as you open each one, their unique aromas fill the kitchen.

The recipe card description read: “Adding texture to your meal is an instant way to supercharge the flavour. With a crispy zaatar crust on your gooey haloumi and crispy charred edges on your roast veg, this is a dinner to remember.”

This dish provides a delicious range of both fresh and roasted veggies, adding a depth of flavour and contrasting textures to the final dish.

To veganise this dish we swapped tofu for the halloumi which worked perfectly with its tasty zaatar crust. We also replaced the Greek yoghurt with coconut yoghurt, and the honey for maple syrup.

The pearl couscous is simply delicious and the fresh lemon provides a zesty top note.

For meat lovers, you could easily add chicken, or fish and we think anchovies, mackerel, or sardines would work particularly well.

Meal 5: Butternut Pumpkin & Thyme Fettucine with Goat Fetta & Slivered Almonds

Wearing slightly looser clothing after devouring four meals in two days, we launched into cooking the Butternut Pumpkin & Thyme Fettucine with Goat Fetta & Slivered Almonds on Day 3.

HelloFresh | Butternut Pumpkin & Thyme Fettucine with Goat Fetta & Slivered Almonds

The recipe card description reads: “This pasta proves that fettucine needn’t be drenched in a heavy sauce to be absolutely delicious. Just a little reserved pasta water is enough to bring together this sumptuous line up of pumpkin, thyme, creamy goat fetta and crunchy almonds.”

This is such an easy and child-friendly meal while still remaining completely gourmet. The flavours of pumpkin, garlic, thyme, lemon and fetta are irresistible, while the toasted almonds provide just the right amount of crunch.

The flavours were fresh and zesty and each serve was very generous, especially considering that we were feeding five adults, not four which the pack allows for.

To veganise this meal we used a macadamia nut feta cheese.

And, for your meat-lovers we suggest you select one of the following options: tuna, salmon, chicken, bacon, chorizo sausage, or beef strips.

Meal 6: Easy Homemade Beef Burgers with Veggies & Pesto Aioli

Meal 6: Easy Homemade Beef Burgers with Veggies & Pesto Aioli

We then whipped-up the Easy Homemade Beef Burgers with Veggies & Pesto Aioli and the name really does say it all.

The recipe card description read: “Burgers meet Mediterranean charred veggies and pesto? Yes please. This not-so-classic burger is all the things we love about modern Australian cuisine: no rules, all flavour”.

There were actually five buns included in the pack and the meat patties could easily be divided into five generous serves.

This would be a great meal to get your children involved in cooking. They could mix the pesto and garlic aioli together, help shape the patties and wash the baby spinach. They would love assembling their very own burger!

We veganised this dish by replacing the patties with delicious roasted Portobello mushrooms seasoned with garlic, Tuscan seasoning and vegan Worcestershire sauce. We made our own pesto with fresh basil, walnuts, garlic, olive oil, sea salt, lemon juice and nutritional yeast and stirred this through Veganaise® mayonnaise – delicious! 

Meal 7: Dukkah Crusted Beef with Golden Sweet Potato Wedges & Green Apple Salad

Our final cooking day was met with a bit of sadness as we knew this week’s culinary journey was coming to an end! Our final feast was the Dukkah Crusted Beef with Golden Sweet Potato Wedges & Green Apple Salad recipe and it was absolutely delicious!

HelloFresh | Dukkah Crusted Beef with Golden Sweet Potato Wedges & Green Apple Salad

The recipe card description read: “Can we have a huzzah for dukkah? We know you’ll be cheering fo this delicious number, with a spice that’s fit for this premium beef rump. With the sweet and savoury interplay of feta cheese and sweet potato, there’s nothing not to love about this easy weeknight supper.”

This was such an easy dish to prepare and would be perfect on a night when time is of a premium. You simply chop the potato, pop it in the oven, crust the steaks with dukkah, cook them quickly, toss the salad and serve!

We were really impressed with the quality and size of the beef rump steaks; they were huge!

The slices of green apple provided a lovely crunch in the salad and we really enjoyed the fresh mint leaves tossed through the mixed salad greens.

To veganise we coated Fry’s Family Golden Crumbed Schnitzels with the dukka and fried them separately, then replaced the feta with our delicious macadamia nut feta. Too easy!

All in all, we were very impressed with HelloFresh!

It took little effort to cook each dish as the step-by-step instructions are easy to follow. The pre-portioned and packed ingredients mean that you do not have to think about dinner until you are actually cooking it. And, the final dishes are so much better than any take-away food could ever be.

HelloFresh removes the laborious, repetitive task of thinking of each week’s meals and we are convinced that you would actually save money by not throwing out any unused produce each week. All menus are continually updated to ensure you have an ever-changing selection from which to choose.

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And, for our brides and grooms to be… we think that HelloFresh will make your wedding planning phase so much easier and more enjoyable. You can enjoy cooking all of the delicious recipes together and add to your culinary repertoire.

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