Young Living Essential Oils

These pure essential oils will help you prepare for your wedding, achieve that bridal 'glow', and make the stress of planning drift away!

Young Living Essential Oils

Essential oils are truly precious and a centuries-old beauty secret, even our great grandmothers used them to enhance their complexion and boost their mood. You can use them in so many ways – for a massage, relaxing bath, as a special, top-secret ingredient in a meal (click here to see how you could incorporate an essential oil into a recipe), as a part of your beauty routine, as a captivating fragrance or as an air freshener which adds ambience and a delightful aroma to your home. Young Living has a fantastic range of products you can use before and on your wedding day!

During the wedding planning process, many brides and grooms are looking to combat stress, and Young Living has some great essential oil blends to help them feel better and more relaxed. Their Stress Away Essential Oil which is a unique blend of lime, cedarwood, vanilla, ocotea, copaiba and lavender. You can apply the oil on your wrists, neck, temples or behind your knees for instant relief and diffuse those tensions for up to one hour three times a day, add to your bath, massage into your feet before bedtime or even use as a cooling summer perfume. You can also use the Relaxation Massage Oil which combines tangerine, peppermint, lavender, spearmint, ylang ylang, coriander, bergamot and geranium.

Young Living Essential Oils

And if you want to awaken the feeling of romance, use the Sensation blend which is feminine, fragrant, refreshing and uplifting. Mixing together coriander, ylang ylang, bergamot, jasmine and geranium, it encourages feelings of love and affection! Just spritz a few drops on your bedding to set the mood, add a dash of it to your night-time moisturiser to nourish and hydrate your skin or wear it as a wedding day perfume!

Choose from a wide range of essential oil singles to target specific beauty goals. Lavender helps heal skin irritations, geranium balances oil production and makes a great addition to moisturisers, ylang ylang is great for oily or acne-prone skin, lemongrass will tone the skin and enhance its inner glow and clary sage has anti-ageing properties.

Young Living Essential Oils | Makeup | Savvy Minerals

Young Living has their own range of beauty products which are infused with essential oils and free from harmful chemicals. Their facial care products include all-natural serums, creams, washes and scrubs designed to leave your skin soft, supple, clean and rejuvenated, while their bath and body care range includes luxurious shower gels, hair products, lotions and soaps. You can also purchase mineral-based foundations, eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, bronzers, blushers and other items from their exquisite Savvy Minerals make-up range.

Additionally, they offer innovative tools and accessories to boost the effect of their magnificent essential oils. Their diffusers feature spill-proof designs, remote controls, USB ports, ultrasonic technology, LED lights and great child-friendly decorations and accessories include bottle organisers, cosmetic bags, display cases, glass droppers and even the stunning Aroma Dome which lets you create an enclosed area in your home for the concentrated diffusion of essential oils and which is designed to be used with the AromaLux Atomizing Diffuser.

We also recommend their Wellness range in the lead-up to your big day because these products have been developed for total body health. You can purchase healthy snacks, multivitamins, antioxidants, liquid wellness, healthy energy drinks and age-based nutrition.

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