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The shoes and accessories you choose to wear on your wedding day will complete your look. Remember the golden rule 'less is more' so don't overdo it, just wear enough to perfect your look.

Think designer shoes, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, headpieces, gloves, tiaras, and veils. And, it is very on-trend to include a bespoke floral headpiece, a crown, or tiara.

  1. Bridal Shoes By Aruna Seth

    Bridal Shoes By Aruna Seth

    Aruna Seth’s bridal footwear is elegant and comfortable, stylish inside and out, and made from luxury materials such as lace, leather, suede, satin and Swarovski crystals.

  2. Ideas For Your "Something Borrowed"

    Ideas For Your

    From a wedding veil to a first dance song, your “something borrowed” element can be a bold detail, or something symbolic that you brought luck to another happy bride!

  3. Custom Wedding Shoes By Jimmy Choo

    Custom Wedding Shoes By Jimmy Choo

    At Jimmy Choo you can now pick a model you like, choose your heel height, material and colour, and personalise the design with your monogram or your wedding date.

  1. Samantha Wills Bridal - Of The Night Collection

    Samantha Wills Bridal - Of The Night Collection

    Samantha Wills launches the highly anticipated Of The Night collection, the newest addition to the ever gowing bridal category.

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  2. Elizabeth Bower Accessories

    Elizabeth Bower Accessories

    Her pieces are a beautiful marriage of modern and vintage elements, constructed from semi-precious stones and Swarovski elements.

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  3. Samantha Wills Bridal - After Dusk Collection

    Samantha Wills Bridal - After Dusk Collection

    An ethereal muse, a celebratory occasion, from sundown into the midnight. For evenings under the stars, beneath the moons whispering husk. Wedding. Soirée. Red carpet.

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  1. Accessories That Excite

    Accessories That Excite

    Now that it’s time to choose the little extras that can turn fabulous into sensational, just remember the golden rule of wedding accessories: do not overdo it!

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  2. Statement Headpieces

    Statement Headpieces

    From simple, demure styles, to huge statement pieces, we love how a headpiece instantly shouts "bride" without being a traditional veil.

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