How To Create Timeless Bridal Makeup Looks

A woman’s wedding day has traditionally been framed as the happiest day of her life – and while many modern women would doubtless prefer to share the highs around a little more, it’s still right up there (however many times you wed).

How To Create Timeless Bridal Makeup Looks | Modern Wedding Makeup
Photo by Cindy Baffour on Unsplash

That said, the rise of social media has upped the scrutiny even further – every moment is now documented (and sometimes even shared in real time). And so, knowing exactly how many eyes will be on them – in person and online – many of today’s brides are torn between making their special day look unique and honouring tradition (while remaining memorable for all the right reasons). With that in mind, we’ve gathered some basic tips which should help:

Prepare for the day

One of the handy things about weddings is that all concerned have plenty of notice exactly when it’s going to happen. This gives time to prepare.

So, to give yourself the best canvas to work on, consider upping your skincare regime. Nutrition can also play a part in looking your healthiest.

And even makeup professionals often recommend having a trial run some weeks before the big day. Get some friends round, have some drinks and decide whether the look you’ve dreamed of works or not. No one wants a surprise hours before the ceremony itself.

Invest in the right tools

Invest in the right tools
Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash

If you’ve elected to do your makeup yourself, you start with the bonus of knowing what you like. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it special – if nothing else, it’s a great excuse to splash out on premium makeup you couldn’t buy regularly (though do try a sample before you buy). What’s more, having quality makeup brushes will give you greater control and nuance.

It’s advised that you consider waterproof mascara, in case things get emotional – and have a touch-up kit on hand to restore as needed. Even if you don’t need to use it, you’ll feel better for having the option.

Something else to consider – especially if you are buying from a new supplier – is whether they’re cruelty-free. 36% of beauty consumers now say it’s something they take into account, and it seems a shame to sully such a beautiful moment by knowing animals suffered in your makeup’s production.

Consider colour

Consider colour
Photo by Marius Muresan on Unsplash

As rightfully iconic as a white wedding dress is, it can make the bride look a little washed out if she’s gone too neutral with the makeup. Many experts advise leaning harder on healthy tones (and again, if you try applying a full face before the event, pair it with an outfit of the same colour).

Another secret the professionals have long been aware of is to make yourself up in natural light. Not only is it flattering, but it will preview how you’ll look in the venue itself.

Lastly, it’s worth letting your photographer know what to expect, in terms of colours and styles. This ensures they’ll have the appropriate equipment, and can focus on whatever aspect you most want. That said, don’t entirely optimise for photos – weddings should still be about the experience.

Beware of trends

As you’ll know – however natural they feel at the time – exaggerated trends can date quickly. It’s wiser to trust in your own personal style, accentuating your best features and expressing your personality. After all, it’s who you really are that your partner is here to pledge their life to.

Make every choice reflect who you are. Amplify your personality rather than hiding it inside a costume. You’re already unique. Embrace it.

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