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Movement through yoga can serve as a gateway to integrating physical health with the more intangible aspects of wellbeing. Beyond a physical work out, The Mindful Bride reveals how the ancient practice of yoga might help you prepare for your special day.

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Move is one of 5 aspects to the integrative health approaches at The Mindful Bride: Nourish | Move | Breathe | Restore | Integrate. Under the umbrella of move, Yoga and Pilates are integral to the programs offered. For the purpose of brevity, we will focus on yoga within this article.

We may tend to think of our bodies in a way that places emphasis on structural elements - and fair enough when you consider our anatomy: we are held together with over 600 muscles, around 206 bones, and numerous ligaments and tendons. By design, we humans are made to move and the effect that a sedentary lifestyle has upon our bodies is well publicised.

One of the reasons, however, that being sedentary becomes problematic is that we are largely fluid beings: the body comprises around 70% fluid. Arterial, cellular, interstitial, venous blood and lymph are but a few of many fluids that are travelling around the body at any given time. We need locomotion to literally keep the bodily systems flowing in a balanced way. When these fluids are moved around, refreshed and oxygenated, the final layer of the body - the skin, as an outward expression of inner health - also benefits.

Yoga has the ability to cultivate flow, patience, connection and the calm of attentive awareness.

- Amber Patterson – The Mindful Bride

Yogasana (the physical postures of yoga) offer an enormous range of movement for the human body: twists can help your digestion; inversions can help balance your hormones and rejuvenate facial muscles; weight bearing poses can increase muscle tone and strength; vinyasa can raise your heart rate and oxygenate the entire body. While these are of great importance in attaining balanced health, yoga itself is not a fitness system. These benefits are the starting point to a bigger picture.

Traditionally, yoga carries with it the intention of preparing a foundation for integrating body with spirit. Renowned yoga master Paul Wooden describes yoga as ‘a relational process.’ [1] Conditioning the physical body through movement with yogasana can help us understand the dialogue between all the layers or aspects of the mind-body community. This process is one that cultivates flow, patience, connection and the calm of attentive awareness.

Stepping off the yoga mat, are these values applicable to being in a healthy, committed relationship, with your loved one? Absolutely!

Join us here next week to explore the vital life-force of breath.

[1] Wooden, P., 2019. Personal communication.

© 2019, Amber Patterson-Ooi

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