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When it comes to preparing for your wedding, there are just so many aspects to think of! Suddenly you’re a project manager juggling myriad suppliers and hurtling towards a deadline where you and your loved one will be the centrepiece.

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Potentially, it’s a stressful time, and as we know, mismanaged stress takes its toll on both mind and body. What strategies can be put in place to support brides and grooms during this exciting, yet anxious journey towards marriage?

Founder of The Mindful Bride, Amber Patterson asked this very question during the formation stages of creating holistic programs to prepare mind, body and skin for a beautifully calm wedding experience. Based on an integrated approach, these wellness programs address five key areas of health: Nourish, Move, Breathe, Restore and Integrate. In this five-part series we will explore these areas and how they each contribute to the overall ecosystem of your health.

Central to the entire body’s ecosystem is the health of the gut, which requires wholesome nourishment via the foods and liquids we eat. Building upon what health practitioners have known for a long time, recent research [1] shows that the intestinal microbiome (a community of microorganisms) plays a vital role in physical and mental health. Mental health too? Yes, because of the brain-gut-skin axis that is all linked by a common embryonic origin [2] and are in constant dialogue with each other.

If the microbiome becomes weakened by a buildup of toxins, from either poor diet or environmental stressors, it can show up in myriad ways such as depression, lack of energy, malabsorption of nutrients or rise to the surface and cause havoc with your skin. Likewise, because of the intimate relationship between these three aspects, excess stress can also be a trigger that leads to digestive disorders.

Nourish - provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.

Luckily, the pathway back to achieving balance is accessible through a nourishing diet, exercise and stress management. Under the umbrella of nourish, programs from The Mindful Bride include consultation with highly regarded naturopath Katie Forster who specialises in gut health and microbiome recovery. After an initial consultation, clients can then opt to embark on a guided naturopathic detox which aims to reduce toxic burdens upon the body as a whole. Nutritional and herbal supplements may also be used to enhance detoxification and rebuild resilience in the digestive system.

Working from the inside out to rejuvenate health and achieve that highly sought-after glow is fundamental to the work that The Mindful Bride engages in. Additionally, you can nourish the body from the surface as well by making conscious choices about the products and cosmetics that your skin comes into contact with. You may have noticed that many cosmetic companies are making a shift towards leaving out ingredients that can cause harm and choosing to include ingredients that are known to nurture. Makeup artists at The Mindful Bride use a wide variety of products that are helping rather than harming your precious facial skin – walking down the aisle knowing that your radiance is the result of inner health and mindful choices? That’s something to smile about!

Stay tuned for next week’s article which will look at the aspect of movement.


[1] Al Omran Y., Aziz Q. (2014) The Brain-Gut Axis in Health and Disease. In: Lyte M., Cryan J. (eds) Microbial Endocrinology: The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis in Health and Disease. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, vol 817. Springer, New York, NY

[2] Teitelman, G., Joh, T., & Reis, D. (1981). Linkage of the brain-skin-gut axis: Islet cells originate from dopaminergic precursors. Peptides, 2 Suppl 2, 157-68.

© 2019, Amber Patterson-Ooi

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