Pre-Wedding Beauty Timeline

vFrom facials to spray tans, manicures and pedicures, there are so many things to do before the big day. Here is our ultimate guide to looking gorgeous.

Take your pre-wedding beauty seriously! There is so much more to do than just booking a hair stylist and make-up artist… Exercising, eating healthy, rejuvenating, detoxifying and exfoliating your skin, experimenting with your hair, grooming your brows, doing your nails, waxing and applying a spray tan are all a part of the routine. We will help you create your own to-do list and ensure you finish everything on time!

5 to 6 Months Prior

  • This is a good time to start thinking about your skin, especially if you have any conditions that need to be treated. Start doing your monthly facials and establish a healthy morning and evening skincare routine.
  • Change your eating habits and focus your pre-wedding diet on healthy food. Consider speaking with a nutritionist about it, especially if you want to lose weight. Don’t forget that healthy food improves the look of your skin and hair!
  • Start exercising! A good fitness plan will help you get in shape and look fabulous on the day of your wedding.
  • If you want to change your hair radically, now is the time to start experimenting. If you want longer hair, start growing it, if you want to cut your fringe, do it as soon as possible because in case you don’t like them, you will want them to grow back before the wedding.

2 to 3 Months Prior

  • Start thinking about your hair and make-up for the pre-wedding parties and the big day. Pin a few looks to your inspiration board and book first appointments with your stylists. You may want to try out a few different looks to make sure you have the perfect look.
  • If you want perfectly groomed brows, consider doing microblading which a type of a semi-permanent tattoo make-up. You should schedule your first appointment about two months before the wedding because the healing process takes up to four weeks and you will probably need a second appointment to do a touch-up.
  • If you want professional bleaching, schedule appointment at your dentist. Alternatively, you can purchase teeth whitening products which you can use at home. You should also avoid drinking coffee, tea, red wine and other liquids which can cause discolouration.
  • Schedule your first appointments with a hair stylist and make-up artists. Have your bridal accessories with you so that you can see the full look and make final tweaks.
  • If you want a spray tan for the wedding and you never had it before, do a trial session about a month ahead to figure out which shade you need and get used to the process.
  • Schedule your last facial one month before the wedding day to let your skin recover. 
  • If you are considering a botox, do it at least one month ahead to let it sink in an allow time for adjustments

2 Weeks Prior

  • If you want to cut or trim your hair, do it about two weeks prior because it takes some time for it to recover and achieve the natural shape.

1 Week Prior

  • In the final week of preparations you will probably need to do a lot of things, so being super organised is the key! While some things should wait until the last couple of days, you can do your eyebrows a bit earlier. Schedule an appointment 3-7 days before the wedding.
  • Find find some time to relax! Massages, meditation, yoga classes, swimming or easy hikes are perfect for calming nerves!
  • Prepare your wedding day beauty emergency kit. Pack toiletries, mini beauty products, a small version of your wedding fragrance and everything else you might need for quick fixes on the go.

2 Days Prior

  • Waxing should be done as late as possible, but keep in mind that your skin might need some time to recover. One or two days should be enough!
  • If you want a spray tan, you should also do this two days before the wedding because you want the colour to settle on your skin and keep your wedding dress free from the stains.

1 Day Prior

  • Have a fresh manicure and pedicure one day before your wedding to minimise chances of chipped or broken nails on the day.
  • Wash your hair and condition it well to ensure you have clean, fragrant and shiny hair on the day of the wedding.
  • You will also need a face and body scrub to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin at home.
  • Remember that your pre-wedding beauty sleep is mandatory! Go to bed early and make sure you spend 8 hours there.
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