Pre-wedding Beauty Series: Products To Keep On Your Desk

From mini versions of your must-have products to refreshing face mists, hair essentials and healthy snacks, here is what you need to keep at your desk in the lead up to the big day.

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A good pre-wedding beauty routine should be your first concern if you want to look flawless on your big day. Stock up on all those important must-haves and arrange them neatly on your desk at work. It should be your little safe haven where you can escape to any time and find all things beauty related. To help you get organised, we've prepared a list of must-have essentials ranging from cosmetic and make-up products to all those much-needed tools, snacks and food supplements. Mini versions are handy because they can be easily stored and you can just pop them in your handbag if you won't be at your desk all day. 

Make-up bag/box

Let’s begin with the storage! You’ll need a practical beauty organiser with a lot of compartments and a medium sized make-up bag which you can quickly fill with products you need on the go.

WE LOVE Dalmatian Dot Small Makeup Bag from Weddingstar, Ink Navy Travel Case from The Daily Edited, Mini Suitcase from Weddingstar

Make-up Mirror

A make-up mirror is also a must-have on your desk. You will want one that is large enough to reflect the light and see everything but also a small one is perfect when you have to leave the desk for a meeting or event. 

WE LOVE: Wooden Hand Mirror from Weddingstar, Faux Leather Compact Mirror from Weddingstar

Lip Balm

Keep your lips nourished and moisturised at all times! Buy a good lip balm which you can use every day. It is worth investing in a high-quality product! 

WE LOVE: Baume de Rose SPF15 from BY TERRY, Tinted Balm SPF 30 from Lanolips, Lip De-Luscious SPF 25+ from MECCA COSMETICA

Thermal Spring Face Water

A spritz of thermal water is so refreshing during the hot summer months. This product will keep your skin cleaner, healthier and fresher! 

WE LOVE: Thermal Spring Water from Avène

Nail File

Buy a good nail file! It can be a simple buffing block which is cheap but very effective, a crystal one which is more expensive but very durable, or a ceramic one which is suitable for soft nails.

WE LOVE: Nail Shaper Nail Board from Sally Hansen

Nail Oil

You want strong, healthy nails which can’t be easily chipped, so purchase a nail oil to nourish and strengthen them before your wedding. 

WE LOVE: Vitamin E Moisturising Nail & Cuticle Oil from Sally Hansen, Almond Nail And Cuticle Oil from The Body Shop, Cuticle from French Girl

Nail Scissors

Speaking of nail grooming tools… you also need a pair of well-crafted nail scissors that provide a smooth, shearing cut.

WE LOVE: Straight Nail Scissors from Manicare 

Hand Cream

Always have a good hand cream with you! Choose one that is made of natural ingredients and has a powerful formula to keep your hands smooth, soft and flawless

WE LOVE: Hand Food - Hydrating Hand Cream from Soap & Glory, Honeysuckle Handcream from Fresh

Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Nail polish remover wipes are very handy as you can always grab them to quickly touch-up your nails. They will remove the nail polish instantly and they are small enough to be carried anywhere.

WE LOVE: Nail Polish Remover Pot Strengthening from Sally Hansen, Moisturising Nail Polish Remover Pads from Manicare

Make-up Wipes

Although you need to remove your make-up thoroughly every night with a proper make-up remover and cotton pads, wipes are essential because you can use them when you need a quick touch-up. Remember that they will be very useful on your big day too!

WE LOVE: Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleansing Cloths from Philosophy, Coconut Wipes from Cocobetty

Nail Polish

You want your nails to look perfect at all times, so buy a nail polish in a neutral shade which is suitable for any emergency applications.

WE LOVE: Kale’d It Nail Lacquer from Raww, Color Therapy from Sally Hansen, Say It With Polish

Mini Perfume

Is there a mini version of your favourite fragrance? If not, buy small refillable scent bottles which you can keep on your desk and also carry in your handbag or make-up bag.

WE LOVE: Eau Rose Roll-On EDT from Diptyque, Wood Sage Sea Salt Cologne 90ml from Jo Malone, White Musk Perfume Oil 20ml from The Body Shop

Mini Tissues

Tissues are practical because you can use them to fix all kinds of beauty emergencies, but we suggest buying mini packs as you can easily store them or carry them around.

WE LOVE: Pocket Pack Tissues from Kleenex

Mini Hairspray

You’ll also find having a mini hairspray very useful to fix any hair issues in no time! Travel-size ones are great for your vanity table and they fit into any handbag.

WE LOVE: Styling Mini Hairspray Extra Hold 75g from TRESemmé, Elnett Satin Normal Mini Hairspray 75ml from L'oreal Paris

Mini Brush

A mini brush is the perfect addition to your collection of hair styling tools! You can also easily pack it in your honeymoon suitcase.

WE LOVE: Mini Bamboo Hairbrush from The Body Shop, Compact size from Tangle Teezer

Mini Make-up Brushes

You can also buy sets of mini make-up brushes for contouring and highlighting or applying foundation and blush. A multi-purpose mini brush is a fantastic purchase! 

WE LOVE: Magical Mini Brush Set from Charlotte Tilbury, Mini Brush Trio from Real Techniques, Travel Brush Set from Mecca Cosmetica

Mini Straightener

A mini hair styler is perfect for curling or straightening your hair on the go. Whether you need a quick fix at home or a tool you can carry around, the small GHD is ideal!

WE LOVE: The Mini Styler from ghd

Mini Toothbrush & Toothpaste

And to keep your teeth white, clean and shiny wherever you go, have a mini, portable toothbrush and toothpaste or the one which you can simply fold and pack in a small or medium make-up bag.

WE LOVE: Travel Essentials Pack from Colgate

Dental Floss

Take your dental hygiene seriously in the lead up to your big day! Using dental floss or sticks every day will significantly improve health of your teeth and gums.

WE LOVE: SupaGRIP Flosspicks from Piksters


And to have a radiant skin, glossy hair and more energy in your body, you might need a small boost. We recommend buying a multi-vitamin supplement such as Berocca and take a tablet each day.

WE LOVE: Berocca Performance in Mango and Orange, Women's Vitality Multi from Blackmores

Herbal Teas

Natural herbal teas are also an important part of a good pre-wedding beauty regiment. Have a selection of teas to target different beauty issues and consume them daily. 

WE LOVE: Chamomile & Spearmint Tea Bags from Twinings, Green Goddess Tea from The healthy Chef, Green Jasmine & Pear Tea Pods from Madame Flavour

Healthy Snacks

You should also have a range of healthy snacks such as protein bars and nuts. Nibble something good and nutritious while doing your hair or nails!

WE LOVE: Lamington Paleo Bars from Blue Dinosuar

Pain Killers

Finally, make sure to have some pain killers at hand. With so many pre-wedding parties coming up, you may need something for the headache!

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