Tips For First-Time Bridesmaids

Is it your first time being a bridesmaid? These tips will help you enjoy every moment of it and help the bride-to-be to have a fabulous wedding!

Tips For First-Time Bridesmaids - bride with her bridesmaids

Support The Bride

Being someone’s bridesmaid is a great honour, and to show that you are grateful, you should offer her your full support. Be ready to jump in when she needs help with theming, styling, shopping or contacting vendors but also be there to cheer her up when she is having a crisis. And don’t just wait for her to call you! Show initiative and ask her if she needs any help with the wedding planning and supports her in every decision she makes.

Be Communicative

Being a bridesmaid means that you are a part of a team and requires communication skills. Organising a bridal shower and hen’s night might be particularly challenging, so communicate with the rest of the group, always reply to all the emails and messages you get and help the other bridesmaids when they need it.

Be Available

Duties of a bridesmaid include being present at all the pre-wedding events including the bridal shower, hen’s night and rehearsal dinner. Add wedding dress shopping, pre-wedding pampering and organising events to your list, and you will instantly realise that it is a serious job. You might need to take a day or two off work in the week leading up to the wedding, so speak with your boss early and let them know the days you might need to take off, after all, no one wants to miss the pampering part of the wedding planning.

Share Your Ideas

Planning a wedding isn’t going to be an easy job for the bride and she might need ideas for the theme, venue, dress, ceremony program, wedding menu, music and other elements of her celebration. Unless she knows exactly what she wants, help her brainstorm ideas. Or take her to a bridal expo and find inspiration there. This is the creative part of being a bridesmaid, organise a friday friday night with the bride and bridesmaids and spend the night flicking through wedding magazines looking for inspiraton!

Be Prepared To Spend

You are probably wondering how expensive it is to be a bridesmaid… It depends on many factors, but be prepared to spend money. Costs may include everything from bridesmaid dresses and gifts for the bride to accommodation for the hen’s night trip out of town and organising the bridal shower. If you're worried about the cost be open with the bride and talk about what costs will be involved, this way you can plan ahead and budget for the wedding and pre-wedding events.

Enjoy The Fun!

And finally, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy every moment of being a bridesmaid from the excitement of preparations to attending all the events and escorting the bride down the aisle. Although there might be some stressful moments, it will be joyful and emotional, you will get to wear a fabulous dress and be one of the most important attendants at the wedding.

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