10 Things You Didn’t Know About Being A Bridesmaid

From hidden costs and undercover assignments to just having a lot of fun with the girls, here are a few secrets about being a bridesmaid you might not know…

1. It can be expensive

Hair, make-up, shoes, jewellery, bridal shower, hen’s night… being a bridesmaid isn’t exactly cheap, but it is a great honour and you will be proud that you have been chosen to stand by the bride's side on her big day. The budget will depend on the formality and style of the wedding. If it is a destination wedding, then be prepared to pay even more. You should also think about your attire for all of the pre-wedding events.

2. It involves unusual duties and undercover missions

From designing centrepieces and making the bomboniere to holding the bride’s dress in the bathroom and taking it to the drycleaners after the big day, bridesmaids often have unexpected duties. Their unofficial tasks include giving speeches at the rehearsal dinner and breaking the ice on the dance floor, but they usually also have a few undercover missions such as planning a killer hen’s night to surprise the bride!

3. There will be a lot of partying and pampering in the lead up

One of the best things about being a bridesmaid is being able to attend various events prior to the big day. What a great opportunity to dress up and party! There are usually also some girly lunches, nights in your pjs planning the wedding and pampering at the spa!

4. The wedding weekend can turn into a mini holiday

Being a bridesmaid can be a truly exciting experience. If the bride and her groom decided to host a destination wedding, then you will get to enjoy a fabulous party and mini holiday with lots of friends! Plan a few things after the wedding when the bride and groom are on their honeymoon and your duties as a bridesmaid are over.

5. You might have to take some time off from work

With so many duties and pre-wedding events you might have to take some time off from work every now and then. The schedule might be tight and include activities like planning a bridal shower and hen’s night, helping with DIY projects and assisting the bride with purchasing the dress. If the bride would like a weekend away for the hen’s night instead of a traditional night out, then you will need to make space for this as well.

6. You will be involved in various aspects of planning

The level of your involvement in the wedding planning process will depend on the bride. If she has a wedding planner and a stylist, then you will have a fairly easy job and won’t be burdened with too many tasks. If she is doing the planning on her own, then she will need an extra pair of hands and her bridesmaids should be there to help.

7. There might be a meltdown so be ready to support the bride

Even the calmest bride in the world might go through a crisis in the lead up to the wedding. And even if she doesn’t complain, you should be there to show some love and support. Is she having trouble finding the right dress? Are there issues with wedding vendors? Does she need help with DIY projects? It is polite to always offer help, but also be there to listen and give a piece of advice when needed.

8. You probably won’t wear your bridesmaid dress again

No matter how beautiful your dresses are, most bridemaids never wear them again after the wedding. For some it is the colour they don’t like, for others it is the fact that the dress has been photographed so many times… But at least you can invest in a pair of fabulous shoes and a piece of jewellery you will be able to wear again and again!

9. You will have to smile A LOT on the day

With so many family and friends around and with cameras constantly pointed at you, you will have to smile a lot on the day of the wedding. Be ready to smile and look cheerful even if you are a little tired and hungry, and make sure to take some time off during the day.

10. There might be a lot of work but also a lot of fun!

Being a bridesmaid means that you have some important assignments and responsibilities throughout the planning process and on the day, but it is also about dressing up, drinking champagne, going to spas and even getting presents! You get to attend all the pre-wedding events, wear gorgeous dresses, eat delicious food organise the party of all parties i.e. the hen’s night and spend a lot of time with the bride.

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