7 Wedding Day Beauty Hacks You Need To Know

From prepping your lips to spraying your bobby pins, these useful tricks will help you survive the big day without a hitch!

Beat the puffiness

Do you suffer from puffy eyes? The worst time this can happen is on your wedding day, so be prepared! An easy way to fix this problem is to cool your eyes. Make some green tea, cool the teabags in the fridge for twenty minutes then press them onto your eyelids. Green tea can help shrink blood vessels around your eyes, but in case you don’t have any green tea on hand, place spoons in fridge instead.

Make your perfume stay all day

On the day of your wedding you will want to feel fresh from morning til evening, and if your planning a summer wedding this may not be easy. Your perfume will start fading towards the end of the day and you may not have the chance to refresh it. Applying a coat of vaseline before spraying your perfume in the morning will make the scent stay on the surface much longer!

Get fuller lips

There are a few tricks to help you achieve fuller, sensual lips. Firstly, exfoliate them in the morning, before doing your make-up. You can use brown sugar and coconut oil or even olive oil for this! You should then hydrate your lips with a soothing lip balm, wait until they are dry and then massage in a few drops of peppermint, capsicum or cinnamon oil. Sleeping with a coat of beeswax on your lips the night before can also add volume to your lips.

Home remedy for a brighter smile

And since you will be smiling all day, make sure that your teeth are perfectly white and flawless. Most brides-to-be will have their teeth whitened before the wedding, but to ensure that coffee or red wine don’t leave any marks, brush your teeth with a mixture of baking soda and fresh lemon juice.

Quick touch-ups

If you are not sure what to pack in your beauty emergency kit, here are a few key things you can use for quick touch-ups! Loose powder can fix many problems including oily skin and smudged make-up. If your face starts to look a bit cakey, it will instantly freshen it up. Blotting paper is also very useful or you can even use coffee filters instead. Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring your lipstick as there will be a lot of kissing, eating and drinking on the day. You can also use it to add a bit of colour to your cheeks!

Great hairspray hacks

We bet you didn’t know that hairspray can be used in many ways on your big day! You can spritz a little bit on your face to lock your make-up and tame your eyebrows, or use it to dry the nail varnish faster. Wedding hair stylists use it for hair accessories such as bobby pins, combs and head bands. A coat of hair spray will create a sticky surface which will cling to your hair better.

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