Why We Love The Mismatched Bridesmaids Look

Be playful with bridesmaid outfits and get inspired by these adorable mismatched looks we selected for you!

While the mismatched bridesmaids look has been around for a few years now it seems to have really taken off the past year and we love it! Instead of selecting identical dresses for your bridal party, be creative and think of a concept that is visually stunning and utterly personal. This will keep your bridesmaids happy as they will be wearing something that flatters their body shape. 

1. Let the bridesmaids choose

If you want your lovely bridesmaids to show their personality and wear dresses they really love, then let them choose the design! You should create a general concept and make an inspiration board with a range of styles pinned to it and let each of the girls pick the one they like the most.

2. Custom-made gowns

Perhaps you want something a little more sophisticated than simple ready-to-wear dresses? Why not have your bridesmaid outfits custom-created for each girl! This gives you the chance to put a twist on each dress so that they reflect girls’ personal styles.

3. Pick a different style for the matron of honour

If you want your matron of honour to stand out from the crowd, choose a different shade especially for her. It is a great way to pull off the mismatched look and make your colour palette more interesting. Imagine a line of navy dresses interrupted with a show-stopping gown in nude!

4. Mismatched dresses in your favourite shade

Or perhaps you want a more traditional design with a modern twist? Select one shade from your wedding colour palette such as blush pink, champagne or rose gold and opt for different style dresses in the same hue. This will give you uniformity in colour and versatility in texture and shapes.

5. Bridesmaids in white

You can even let your bridesmaids wear white! It is a great idea if you have a vibrant ceremony and photo backdrops, or if you want simple outfits that will look fabulous in a natural setting. A great way to pull off this look is to make a selection of different or same style short white frocks to contrast your long bridal gown!

6. Neutral hues

A rainbow of neutral colours is a very sophisticated choice if you prefer raw, natural-looking design for your wedding day. If you are hosting a low-key event in a breath-taking natural setting, we can’t think of a more beautiful minimalistic design!

7. Little black dresses

If you want a simple and practical solution, you can’t go wrong with the classic LBD. Let your bridesmaids choose their favourite style and you will have an effective mismatched look that is ideal for a glam evening event.

8. Combine two or more different colours

If your wedding colour palette comprises two or more different colours, why not use all of them to create a stunning mismatched bridesmaid look! There are many inspirational combinations you can make such as blush pink and grey or Pantone’s rose quartz and serenity, but you can also opt for multi-coloured designs inspired by precious gemstones or watercolours.

9. Vintage buys

Looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your vintage wedding? The mismatched look is simply ideal for this theme! Make a very versatile selection of gorgeous retro dresses in the same colour, or opt for a rainbow of pastel-hued vintage laces!

10. Mismatched silhouettes

Finally, one of the simplest ways to create the mismatched bridesmaids look is to stick to one colour, but offer a variety of silhouettes. From short A-line styles to figure-hugging sheath dresses, there is a wide range of shapes to choose from, and if you prefer a more uniformed look, you can opt for similar frocks with different necklines.

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