6 Ways To Make Your Maid Of Honour Standout

If you want everyone to see how special your maid of honour is to you, here are six unique ways to make her standout on your wedding day!

1. Let her wear a different colour

If Kate Middleton let her maid of honour wear white, so can you! Choose a pretty white dress for your maid of honour and pick another colour for the bridesmaids. Since white bridesmaid dresses are a huge trend at the moment, you can let all of your bridal party wear the same colour, but find a special gown for your maid of honour. Or if you want to be the only one in white select a different colour for your maid of honour. 

2. Personalise her dress with a special detail

If you want your maid of honour’s dress to look a little different, think of unique adornments you can add. A pretty embellished sash will give it that special touch you are looking for, but it can also be something smaller like a vintage brooch or a few Swarovski crystals sewn into the bodice to add just a hint of sparkle to the dress. You can also personalise the maid of honour dress with embroidered detailing.

3. Give her a fabulous headpiece

Your maid of honour will stand out from the crowd with a beautiful hair accessory. You can even make matching wedding headpieces for you and your maid of honour to show everyone she is your most important girl. If you are opting for a bohemian wedding, then opulent floral crowns are the perfect choice or if you prefer a princess-style look, then you can wear sparkly crowns or crystal-studded head bands.  

4. Have a special bouquet made for her

Personalise the bouquet for your maid of honour to make it look a little different from your bridesmaids bouquets. A simple way to do this is to add a few striking blooms in vibrant shades and make it look more colourful. You can also simply add more volume and texture to her bouquet, or wrap it with a different ribbon.

5. Style her dress with unique accessories

Your maid of honour will look amazing if you personalise her look with a fabulous detail like a gorgeous piece of jewellery. Style her dress with a bold necklace or a statement earrings to make her look a little different. You can also select a special pair of shoes for her.

6. Choose a different hair style for her

If your bridesmaids are wearing loose, wavy curls, your maid of honour can wear an elegant up-do! This is a simple way to make your maid of honour stand out, and if you combine this the with previous two, you will have the perfect personalised look with minimum effort.

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