Tanning Tips From Bondi Sands

Blair James, Brand Owner of Bondi Sands shares some great tanning tips for brides to help you prep for the wedding day!


For that healthy, radiant wedding day look we love Bondi Sands products. Brides who are getting married during winter months can easily achieve that perfect sun-kissed look by applying the amazing Bondi Sands tanning products. Danielle Scaife, Art Director of The Bride’s Diary®, loves the Gradual Tanning Milk as it gives a very natural looking tan.

Brand Owner of Bondi Sands, Blair James shared some useful tanning tips with us for brides with pale skin wanting to achieve a golden tan on their big day:

  1. Work out what product you want to use on your wedding day by trialling a few of them at least 6 months out. 
  2. Two weeks before your big day, make sure you exfoliate your skin every day, and don’t use any other tanning products. You want the tan to be as fresh as possible on the day.
  3. On the day you tan, exfoliate again and shave or wax 24 hours before applying the tanning product. Stand in front of the mirror with good lighting and apply using the applicator mitt to ensure you have all areas covered.
  4. If you are using the Gradual Tanning Milk, start a week out and exfoliate, then apply the tan daily. By the time your wedding day has arrived you will have a perfectly natural tanned look.
  5. If you are using a foam or lotion we recommend using it 2 days befroe the wedding. This way you can make sure you have the right colour and have a day up your sleeve to fix any issues that may occur. It will also give you enough time to wash off all the excess bronzer so it won’t transfer onto your wedding gown.
  6. Maintain your tan, pat yourself dry after showers/spa/pools and mousturise day and night. We recommend moisurising with Gradual Tanning Milk to increase the longevity of your self-tan and provide a lovely subtle glow. 

Once you prep your skin with Bondi Sands self tanning products, you will be ready to slip into that gorgeous wedding gown, so start getting ready!

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