Mother Of The Bride Styling & Shopping Tips

Your daughter’s wedding is an important milestone in your life, so make an effort to find the perfect dress for the occasion! Read our essential tips for the mother of the bride:

1. Co-ordinate your dress with the bride’s gown & bridal party attire

Before you start searching for the dress, speak with your daughter to find out if she has any preferences regarding your styling. You don’t want to upstage the bride or wear the same colour as the bridesmaids, so refrain from white styles and shades reserved for other members of the bridal party. The bride also might want you to speak with the mother of the groom before you go shopping.

2. How to search online

Think about the search terms you are using to shop for your gown online. “Mother of the bride” might not give you the best results as it is a limited search term. Use words which refer to silhouettes and colours such as “navy”, “full length” and “long sleeves” because they will offer more options and target the style you are looking for.

3. Find a silhouette that flatters your body

You want to accentuate your best assets with a dress shape that truly flatters your body. A fitted bodice paired with a gently flared skirt is a formula that works for most women, and this silhouette is recommended by leading stylists. However, you may want to wear a dress with a loose silhouette to cover up the waistline or opt for longer sleeves if you don’t want to expose your arms.

4. Think about the weather

You will be purchasing your outfit months before the wedding day, so make sure it is appropriate for the season. If you are not sure what kind of weather to expect during spring or autumn, then opt for lightweight fabrics and find a jacket or scarf to wear on top of the dress. If the wedding is taking place during the summer months, make sure that your outfit is comfortable and breathable.

5. Pick the right colour

Once you eliminate the shades the bride has selected for herself and the bridesmaid, you will still have plenty of beautiful colours to choose from. Be open-minded about the palette, and don’t be shy to consider cheerful tones such as soft pastels or even extravagant shades of maroon, navy, emerald green or copper. As long as the dress is elegant and the colour looks good on you, you can wear it!

6. Keep it simple

Your mother of the bride dress doesn’t have to be over-the-top with a voluminous skirt, intricate embellishments and multiple layers. Your goal is to wear something tasteful which looks good on you, so don’t underestimate simple outfits such as a little black dress styled with beautiful jewellery and a chic bag.

7. What to wear Underneath the dress

To achieve the perfectly smooth look, think about undergarments which can help sculpt your figure. You may need to support your bust with a fitted bra, or to shape your waist with a waist sculpt cincher, so we recommend visiting some underwear shops with your dress prior to the wedding day. With a little bit of support, your dress will look even better on you!

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