Hen's Night Planning Timeline

From choosing a theme and location to sorting out bookings, payments and the guest list, your bridal party has a lot to think about! This timeline will help your bridesmaids plan the perfect hen’s night!

5 Months Ahead

Choose the theme & location
Ask the bride if she has any ideas about her hen’s night. Some brides love to be involved in the planning process, but if you want to make it a surprise, try to think what would make her happy. Does she want a night out on the town, a stylish garden party or perhaps a fun road trip? Speak with the bridesmaids and brainstorm ideas to come up with the perfect plan.

Set the date
You should start planning the hen’s night well ahead and choose the date wisely. According to etiquette, this event should be held a month or two prior to the wedding. If you are planning a long journey, make sure that the weather doesn’t ruin your plans. Speak with the bride and the rest of the group to find out whether they have any pre-booked holidays around the time of the hen’s night.

Make a guest list
Think who you need to invite to the party. This can be a delicate task because you don’t want to forget anyone the bride would want to invite herself. Keep in mind that everyone invited to the hen’s night should also be invited to the wedding.

3 Months Ahead

Send invitations
You can either send a printed invitation or just an email, but it is important to let everyone know about the date, location and costs. You also need to include an RSVP with the invitation.

Book flights & accommodation
If you planned a long journey for the girls, you need to book accommodation and flights for everyone three months ahead to ensure you get the best prices. It is a good idea to ask for adjoining rooms if you are staying in a hotel. Make sure to finalise the guest list by this time. If you want to book a special venue at the selected destination, check if it is available and book if necessary.

1 Month Ahead

Finalise the guest list & arrange payment
By this point, you should know exactly how many girls will be attending the hen’s night. Calculate how much money each attendee has to pay and remember that the bride shouldn’t pay for herself and that her bill should be split amongst the group. Let everyone know if you have a preferred method of payment.

Make all the bookings
Now that you have the exact number of guest attending the hen’s night you can book the venue, entertainment, transport and catering for the girls if you haven’t done this already.

1 Week Ahead

Confirm the bookings
This is essential because you don’t want anything to go wrong on the day. You should once again mention that you are organising a hen’s night party and perhaps ask for a specific table in a restaurant.

Finalise the itinerary
Make the itinerary as detailed as possible and email it to everyone in the group. Mention all the places you will be visiting and be precise about the timing and locations.

Purchase décor & props
One week before the party you also need to take care of finishing touches such as decorations, photo props and fun games. It’s a party so make sure you sort out all the styling elements like bunting and of course balloons!

The Day Before

Send a group message
The purpose of this gesture is to remind everyone about the event, but also to make everyone excited. Use this opportunity to re-send the itinerary and end the message on a high note!

Speak to the bride
Inform the bride on tomorrow’s event. You might want to keep some of the details a surprise, but make sure to give her the basic information so that she is ready on time and dressed appropriately.

Whether it is a party, luncheon, a girls’ night out or a road trip, you need to look fresh and energetic. There will be a lot of photos and it will be a long day and/or night, so make sure to get a good nights sleep.

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