Preserving Your Wedding Gown

You have spent months searching for that special dress and you want it to look that beautiful forever? These tips will help you preserve it for a lifetime!

Your wedding gown is probably the most luxurious and most delicate piece in your wardrobe. Crafted from the finest fabrics and adorned with gorgeous hand-sewn embellishments, it is a true showpiece you will want to keep forever. Once the wedding celebrations are over, you should have it properly cleaned and preserved.

Some modern preservation methods guarantee to keep your most important dress crisp clean and wearable for decades, and we think it is an investment you should definitely consider, especially if you want to have a heirloom piece that will be passed on to future generations. Here is what you need to do to preserve your wedding gown properly:

1. Clean your gown immediately after the wedding

Some brides wait for days or even weeks to take their wedding dress to the drycleaners, but professionals suggest that waiting is a big mistake. You may think it looks clean, but even the invisible particles of champagne, food or dirt can damage delicate threads of silk or lace and lead to permanent discolouration. The sooner you clean it, the better!

2. Let the professional take care of your wedding gown

Don’t let just anyone clean your precious dress. Find a service that specialises in cleaning and preserving wedding dresses because they know which products and techniques should be used for such delicate fabrics. Choose someone who has a good reputation and make sure that they offer wedding gown preservation as well as cleaning services.

3. If your wedding dress is damaged

Inspect your gown carefully before you take it to the drycleaners. If it is damaged, you may need to repair it. Check if any seams are thorn and whether any embellishments are missing. There is not much point in preserving your gown and storing it in a box if it isn’t as good as new. Contact the shop or designer you bought your dress from as they may have spare fabric or embellishments.

4. Store it properly

Keeping your wedding gown in acid-free packaging prevents it from yellowing over time which is essential if you opted for white fabrics. Professionals suggest that it should be wrapped in acid-free tissue to ensure protection from acid migration. While buffered tissue is better for synthetic fabrics such as polyester, un-buffered is recommended for silks. If your gown is made of fabrics that can be easily creased, then you should place it in a bag and hang in the closet. Keeping your dress covered will also prevent damage caused by light and dust. Another way to store your wedding gown is to package it in a box with an acid-free coating. This will save you some space in the wardrobe, but keep in mind that this method works best for fabrics that aren’t prone to creasing or small gowns that require minimal folding. In order to prevent mildew and mould, it is essential to keep your gown in a breathable packaging. Your drycleaners may even offer special packaging, just ask.

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