10 Delicious Foods For Glowing Skin

Enrich your diet with these 10 yummy foods which will help you achieve that fabulous bridal glow on your big day!

We know you are working hard to look flawless on your big day, but are you including foods in your diet that can do wonders to your skin? Do you love sushi? How about guacamole? Perhaps your secret indulgence is chocolate? Include these 10 delicious foods to your pre-wedding diet, and your skin will look healthier and happier!

1. Cocoa

Packed with antioxidant flavanol, cocoa is a very potent antioxidant which protects your skin from free radical damage and makes it look younger, healthier and more beautiful. It also protects you from UV rays and skin cancer, provides hydration and promotes blood circulation. Consume it regularly and you will achieve a smooth and radiant complexion within weeks. You can drink a cup of cocoa every day or find a quality dark chocolate with at least 60% of cocoa for a treat after dinner.

2. Almonds

Raw almonds are ideal for snacks in between meals because they are delicious, nutritious and incredibly healthy for your skin. They are bursting with vitamin E, and you only need a handful every day to provide your skin with the recommended daily intake to achieve amazing results. Almonds will protect you from UV rays in the summer, but also from cell-damaging free radicals and help to moisturize your skin leaving it smooth and silky.

3. Algae

If you love sushi, then you will be happy to know that it is a fantastic snack for your skin too! Both fish and algae will supply you with powerful nutrients that will make your skin glow. Seaweed is often used in cosmetic products as it has amazing beauty benefits. It moisturises your skin, has anti-acne properties and prevents inflammation, but also detoxifies, lowers cholesterol, reduces water retention and has many other health benefits.

4. Wild Salmon

You probably know that salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are incredibly beneficial for your skin, but beauty experts say that you should opt for wild salmon rather than the farm raised if you want to achieve the best results. Omega-3 from wild salmon will feed your skin, keep it moisturised and reduce signs of ageing. This fish also contains selenium which protects you from sun rays and vitamin D which makes your bones stronger.

5. Oysters

Also known as powerful aphrodisiacs, oysters are also extremely nutritious for your skin. They are very rich in zinc which helps create collagen and therefore boosts skin cell renewal keeping your skin healthy and radiant. Zinc is also a powerful antioxidant and prevents free radical damage making your complexion elastic and youthful. You can also find it in whole grains and dairy products, but oysters are the best source.

6. Sweet Potatoes

Cooked, roasted or even fried, sweet potatoes are excellent for your skin! They are also full of antioxidants that fight ageing, but also contain great amounts of beta-carotene and vitamins A, C and E which are the key ingredients of quality skin products. It moisturises your skin and give you that bridal glow! It makes a delicious side for almost any meat or vegetable dish, so don’t forget to include it in your pre-wedding menu.

7. Spinach

Spinach has plenty of ingredients which are just great for skin. The unique combination of nutrients and antioxidants makes a miraculous elixir for skin which nurtures and moisturises, reduces wrinkles and strengthens the tissue. It contains vitamins B, C and E, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, and even omega-3 fatty acids, so eat it raw like a lettuce or steam it and add to your favourite meals.

8. Avocado

And if you want to treat your skin with a potent mix of Vitamin E, fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, just make a guacamole dip, add it to your salad or even make chocolate mousse with avocado! Avocados are often used for skincare products because of its great beauty benefits, but simply eating it will make your complexion glow from within. Since they are jam-packed with carotenoids, they can fight free radical damage and help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

9. Blueberries

Blueberries are associated with a long list of health benefits, but because of their strong antioxidants which protect premature ageing, they are recommended to be eaten every single day. They are also rich in vitamins C and E which are essential for healthy skin. Use them to make a smoothie, add them to your muesli or add them to some low-fat yoghurt and your skin will be more elastic and radiant.

10. Kiwi

Kiwi is rich in vitamins A, C and E, as well as antioxidants. This magical combination does wonders to your skin, so make sure to include this delicious fruit to your pre-wedding diet. Put in a fruit salad, smoothie or eat it with other fruits in a fruit salad for your breakfast, and your skin will look younger and more radiant. While vitamins are boosting cell regeneration, antioxidants are reducing the signs of ageing.

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