Ideas For Your "Something Borrowed"

From a wedding veil to a first dance song, your “something borrowed” element can be a bold detail, or something symbolic that brought luck to another happy bride!

An old English rhyme “something old, something blue, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe” originates from the Victorian era, and the five things mentioned in it should be the items every bride needs to wear on her big day to ensure good luck in her married life. “Something borrowed” represents borrowed happiness, and it can be anything that belonged to another bride who has (or had) a happy marriage.


A piece of old lace from a veil or wedding gown which belonged to your mother, grandmother or a dear friend is a lovely detail to add to your bridal outfit. It can be used for details such as sash or skirt overlay, but you can also use a small piece to wrap your bouquet in it, or make a unique headpiece. You can also sew the fabric into the lining of your dress!


Many brides choose to wear their mother’s or grandmother’s veil on their wedding day, and it is one of the most popular ways to incorporate “something borrowed” to your bridal attire. But even if you want to purchase a new one to match your gown, the tulle from the old one can be used to make gorgeous accessories such as a ballerina bouquet.


Borrowing a beautiful piece of jewellery from a friend or a family member is one of the easiest ways to respect this tradition. It can be anything from a pair of diamond earrings to a flashy bracelet which matches the style of your wedding dress. You can also borrow a brooch you like, and pin it into your bouquet or use it as a hair clip.

Hair Accessories

Dazzling tiara Kate Middleton borrowed from the Queen Elizabeth II to wear for her wedding with Prince William was the perfect “something borrowed” detail every bride would love to have! But even if you aren’t lucky enough to sport such a stunning family heirloom piece, a simple hair accessory will do. Whether it is a sparkly head band or a simple hairpin, choose something you will be comfortable wearing.


Your borrowed item can be something simple to hold inside your pocket. Think of it as your lucky charm, and pick a small detail such as a handkerchief. It is important that it belongs to a bride whose love you admire and nobody else needs to know you have it with you.

Cake Serving Set

Your wedding cake symbolises happiness you and your future husband will be sharing, so why not relate your “something borrowed” object to the ritual of cutting it! Forget about buying a cake cutter and borrow it a lucky bride who used it for her wedding.

First Dance Song

And remember that it doesn’t have to be a material object! You can simple borrow lines to include in your wedding vows or readings for your ceremony, but if you want something even more exciting, why not use the very same first dance song played at someone else’s wedding! Whether it is someone from your family or a circle of friends, it might be nice to mention this in your wedding speech.

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