Bridal Beauty Do’s & Dont's

If you need some bridal beauty tips on what you should and shouldn’t do in the lead-up, and on, your big day, just follow these simple rules which will help you glow with amazing wedding hair and make-up.

Research everything first

DO your research first and browse through The Bride’s Diary® to find your favourite bridal beauty styles because this will help your wedding make-up artist and hair stylist to create the look, which is perfect for you. DON'T opt for looks that wouldn’t be a good match for your complexion, hair colour or the shape of your face.

Book your trial appointments early

DON'T make your trial appointments too late. One of the key bridal beauty tips you will hear from every expert is that you need to book your wedding hair and make-up trials about a month before your big day and try out a few different looks to make sure which one you like best. DO take a photo of yourself so that you can compare the looks.

Use only professional products

Do you prefer to do your wedding make-up yourself? DO choose professional products which are used by experts. This is very important because you need quality make-up that lasts the whole day and doesn’t look cakey after a few hours. Don’t forget to prep your skin with a primer, and DON'T use very pale colours because you need to contrast the whiteness of your dress.

Think about lightning

DO wear a white top while doing your wedding make-up trial to get a more realistic image of how the colours might look when you slip into your gown. Make-up colours tend to have a different appearance with different outfits, so have this in mind when trying out the looks. DON'T do your wedding make-up trial in fluorescent lighting, which will alter the colours.

Bring your dress & accessories to your trial

When it comes to choosing your wedding hairstyle, the best beauty tip is to pick your gown and accessories first. DO bring both the dress and accessories to your trial so that you can see the final result. DON'T experiment with new hair looks which might be risky and stick to the ones you already know will work for you.

Eating & sleeping habit

Your eating and sleeping habits will have a big effect on the quality of your hair and the look of your skin. DO start with a healthy diet months before the wedding, drink plenty of water and have your 8-hour beauty sleep on the night before the big day. DON'T eat junk food or drink too much alcohol in the lead-up to your big day.

Nurture your hair & skin

DO nurture your hair and skin with only the best beauty products in the lead-up to your wedding. An excellent beauty tips is to invest in natural skincare and hair styling products. DON'T use products that contain nasty chemicals and also avoid using hair straighteners, blow-dryers and curling wands without applying heat protectants first.

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