How To Be A Good Bridesmaid

Being a good bridesmaid means being positive, friendly and supportive, but also being involved in the wedding planning process, participating in pre-wedding events and being helpful on the big!

Image by Denise Teo
Image by Denise Teo Photography

Helping With Wedding Preparations

From assisting the bride in finding the most important dress in her life to organising a fun pre-wedding pampering day, there are many ways bridesmaids can be involved in the wedding planning process. A good bridesmaid will not only do what she is told, but also show initiative and offer the bride help. The bride might need assistance with choosing decorations for the wedding venue, selecting invitations and bomboniere, or even helping with DIY projects. Giving the bride magazines (visit our online shop to purchase the latest edition of The Bride’s Diary®) and inviting her to wedding expos and open days (visit our News & Events page to see upcoming expos) will be a nice gesture if she needs inspiration for designing her big day. Making her a small emergency kit she might need on her wedding day is also a fantastic idea!

Moral Support

Bridesmaids should always be there for the bride if she needs moral support. Brides-to-be are often very sensitive and stressed before the wedding, so talking to her, listening to her problems and cheering her up can be a big help. A good bridesmaid should always be cheerful and bubbly in the company of the bride, leaving her own problems at home. Bridesmaids shouldn’t be competitive but cooperative and friendly to each other in order to help the bride have a wonderful wedding. They should accept that the matron of hour should really take the lead, so following her requests is essential.

Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

When it comes to the choice of dresses, bridesmaids should respect the bride’s taste. They may express their own preferences and suggest some ideas, but in the end they should go with the bride’s choice because it is her day after all. Both colour and style will depend on the design scheme she has chosen for her wedding, so a good bridesmaid should be willing to accept to wear a dress she wouldn’t pick herself. The same style will look differently on each bridesmaid and some of them will inevitably be happier than the others. However, with modern multiway dresses and the appropriate accessories, it is also possible to adjust the styling.

Pre-Wedding Events

From the engagement party to the hen’s night and rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids are expected to attend all major pre-wedding events and offer assistance to the bride, matron of honour, mother of the bride, or anyone responsible for organisation of these events. Bridesmaids can even work together as a team and throw a shower for the bride. This is a great way to split duties with the matron of honour who can then focus on organising a hen’s night. Bridesmaids are also expected to purchase fabulous presents for the bride. They should have one for each occasion, and they might divide themselves into groups in order to purchase more expensive gifts. Since the hen’s night should be a very special event for the bride-to-be, all the bridesmaids should do their best to make it truly unforgettable.

Wedding Day Tasks

On the day of the wedding, bridesmaids should look fabulous, be punctual and keep smiling! They should arrive on time to get their hair and make-up done, and offer their assistance to the bride, her mother and junior attendants. At the reception, the bridesmaids should mix with guests and read good wish messages. They should also help the bride and groom to make fabulous wedding photos, assist the bride if she needs to change her outfit, have the emergency kit at ready and make sure everything is in order with the gifts table and the guest book. Bridesmaids should also be enthusiastic on the dance floor and encourage other guests to join them!

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