5 Fabulous Gift Ideas For Your Bridesmaids

If you want to spoil your bridesmaids with fabulous presents they will love, think something chic and beautiful, but also be practical and choose something they really need. Be inspired by our top picks…

Beauty Kit

You can’t make a mistake with a beauty kit, and depending on the size of your budget, you can go for luxury presents or choose something simple and affordable. Think what your bridesmaids love and try to make every gift personal. You can pick a few items for each of the bridesmaids yourself, or opt for already gift boxed make-up or cosmetic kits by their favourite brands. Packaging is very important, so why not add a DIY touch and design beautiful cardboard boxes to make your gifts even more personal!

Spa Voucher

How about treating your bridesmaids with a luxury pamper at the spa? We are sure they will love this gift! Make an effort and choose a really decadent spa, which will leave them speechless. It is a great opportunity for all of them to get together and have a wonderful time, so consider finding a great location and not just quality treatments. Think of an idyllic getaway in the countryside or a lavish beachfront spa if you really want to surprise them.


Fragrance is a classical gift and perfectly suits the occasion. You can go to a bespoke perfumery and craft customised fragrance for each bridesmaid, making sure that the scents match their personalities. Or if you know their favourite perfume, you can try to find them in limited edition bottles and make your gift truly special. To add sentimental value to your gifts, print tags with names of your bridesmaids and choose beautiful verses you think describe them nicely.


A piece of jewellery is a great gift, but it is also difficult to choose. To make this present personal, try to remember what your bridesmaids love to wear and pick a different present for each of them. You can also give them personalised pieces such as engraved bracelets, lockets or even a ring with special messages hidden on them. 

Sweets & Champagne

And if you just want to treat your bridesmaids with something scrumptious, why not delight them with a decadent dessert and a bottle of champagne! It is a luxury gift everybody will adore, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time browsing through the shop. Pick a bottle of exquisite champagne and make a selection of sweet treats that will please their tastes. It can be anything from a box of handmade chocolates to French macaroon in a rainbow of colours.

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