Shoes For Your Wedding

Leather or satin? Strappy or enclosed? Stiletto or court? Beaded or not? We’re talking about shoes, and this particular pair is going to carry you through one of the most important days of your life. So should you be giving their selection more than a little care and consideration? Absolutely!

A huge range of beautiful bridal shoes is available: pumps, mules and platforms are definitely in, while gorgeous ankle straps are always a winner. Cute shoes with gorgeous little embellishments, such as bows, ruffles, flowers, or even sparkly glitter are also a popular choice. If you’re stuck for ideas, flick through the latest fashion magazines or catch up with media coverage of catwalk and red carpet events. Also, refer to the Planner at the back of the edition for more shoe inspiration.

Remember that you will spend much of your wedding day on your feet, so shoes that nip and pinch will not help you look (or feel!) relaxed and radiant. Make sure your shoes fit correctly so that they grip your heel and don’t cramp your toes. Holding an outdoor wedding? Select shoes that won’t be easily marked by grass, soil or sand. You should also avoid heels that might sink into the surface. When it comes to bridal shoes, there are no rules on heel size, style, or trim, so choose to suit your personal taste and comfort.

Well-designed shoes of good quality are not usually low budget items. However, once you have found your sole mates, it’s worth paying the price. 

You should purchase your shoes well in advance of your big day and wear them around the house to break them in. To prevent marking, cover them with clean white cotton socks. If the soles are slippery, scuff them gently with sandpaper and don’t forget to peel of those price stickers. If you’ve chosen heels higher than you normally wear, wear your shoes at least once when you practice your first dance.

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