Creative Ways To Ask Someone To Be Your Bridesmaid

Once you set the wedding date it is time to pop the question to your bridesmaids! From a beautifully designed card to a personalised keepsake, think outside the box and prepare a lovely surprise your friends will appreciate.

Keepsakephoto by the Keffes

Ask them via cards

From elegant DIY cards to quirky printed designs accompanied by witty messages, it is crucial to wrap the important question inside a gorgeous packaging. You can also use photos instead of classic cards, and we think a series of images from the photo booth with “will you be my bridesmaid?” question written on chalkboard or cardboard signs is a fabulous trendy idea!

Treat them with a brunch or a spa treatment

Asking your friends to be your bridesmaids is an important question, so why not treat them with a wonderful pampering session at a spa or a delicious brunch in an elegant restaurant! It is a great way to show how much you appreciate their company and let them know that you care. You can also prepare symbolic gifts such as edible party favours or friendship bracelets.

Invite them with a hidden message

Hidden messages are another popular way to pop the question to your bridesmaids. You can put your message in a bottle, in a cute faux gift box or inside the locket of a bracelet. Your question can even literally pop out of the balloon or from an egg shell, and if you want it to sound very special, think of an original wording such as a romantic rhyme or a funny story.

Make luxury gift boxes

What better way to pop the important question to your bridesmaids then wrapping it inside a fabulous goody bag. You can delight them with a deluxe cosmetic set with skincare products and make-up, or a beach themed box with sunscreens and tanning products. You can also give them picnic boxes with delicious food, premium wine, cupcakes and personalised chocolate boxes.

Give them a beautiful piece of jewellery

You can also engrave your question on a bracelet or ring or slip it inside a pendant. A ring with a knot design is a great present for your maid of honour, and you can put it in a box that says “will you be my maid of honour?”. Plastic sparklers with enclosed messages are very hip at the moment, and you can pack them in elegant boxes with the names of your bridesmaids written on them.

Make Personalised Gifts

If you are a savvy DIY bride, you can make fabulous keepsakes for your bridesmaids at home. Paint or print out the question on a vintage-style handkerchief, puzzle game, mug, wine glass, tote bag or a scarf, or type a personal message on a vintage typewriter and put it in a hand-painted frame. You can also make an edible present such as cheesecake in a jar or a cookie in the shape of a bridesmaid’s dress.

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