5 Amazing Hen’s Night Ideas For Summer

From a picnic in the countryside, to a weekend at a paradise island, your hen’s night can be much more than a classic girl’s night out in a club or at a karaoke bar. Summer is a great time for hen’s-dos, so why not think of a truly original idea everyone will love!

Head off to an exotic island

One of the best locations for a hen’s night is an exotic destination where the girls can relax and enjoy drinking cocktails on the beach or enjoy indulgent treatments at a spa. The first step in organising this exciting trip is to research locations and travel arrangements. Look for good package deals and ask if there are any special group rates. It is also important to check with all the ladies if they are limited with other plans. It is best to opt for a location that isn’t too far away in order to avoid wasting too many hours on a journey and make the best use of the available time. Apart from enjoying sun, sand, sea and great company, you should also include some special events in the schedule and it can be anything from a celebratory dinner to a cocktail party on the beach.

Go on a cruise

A cruise is also a great idea for the summer, so why not bring delicious food and champagne to celebrate and spend an entire day cruising! You can sail all day, or ask the driver to stop the boat so that you can take a swim or have a picnic on the beach. It is a great opportunity for the girls to get together and have fun while enjoying an exhilarating ride and unlike regular evening parties; this hen’s-do will be an experience each of you will remember for a lifetime. From drinking summer cocktails on the deck to playing hen’s games, there are plenty of things to do until dinnertime when you can continue to celebrate at a nice restaurant.

Organise a picnic in an idyllic location

If you and your friends love the countryside, organising a picnic outdoors might be just the right solution for the hen’s night. Bring food, drink, games and party decorations and head off to a picturesque countryside location. This simple trip requires a lot of planning and organisation, which includes obtaining any necessary council permits, but it is definitely worth it. Apart from enjoying fresh air, food and drink you can also include some sport activities in your schedule such as bush walking, canoeing or even fishing. A barbecue at sunset could be a great option after an active day and if you want to turn this event into a weekend-long adventure, you can bring tents and sleeping bags as well.

Attend a mixology class

Attending classes and workshops is also a popular hen’s-do alternative, but do make sure all the girls will like the chosen event. Since summer is the perfect time for refreshing cocktails, why not attend a mixology class and give the ladies the opportunity to learn how to make delicious cocktails while enjoying a fun evening out! A handsome barman is a much more stylish alternative then the traditional stripper, and if you want to add a touch of luxury to this special event, you can rent a limousine and have a fun ride while drinking champagne and taking photos before arriving to a favourite cocktail bar.

Enjoy a day of pampering at a day spa

All girls love a relaxing pampering session, so why not organise a day trip to a luxury spa followed by a glamorous dinner in a five-star restaurant! The choice of location is essential, so make sure you find a good, renowned spa in a picture-perfect setting where you can truly relax and enjoy clean air and natural beauty along with lavish treatments. A trip to a spa is a fantastic hen’s-do idea if a bride needs some pampering and de-stressing before the wedding, and we are sure the girls will enjoy it too.

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