Wedding Day Beauty Emergencies

Every bride-to-be wants to look flawless on her big day, but achieving that perfect glow usually takes a lot of preparations.

Even if you have been eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, doing facials regularly and having your beauty sleep, there is still a chance that something goes wrong on that special day. From frizzy hair to broken nails, you must prepare yourself to deal with beauty emergencies and meticulously pack your cosmetics first aid kit.


There are many things you can do to prevent skin outbreaks, but disasters strike even the most cautious brides. Pimples can easily pop up on the wedding day and the main causes are stress and lack of sleep. It is hard to beat these two enemies, so if you wake up with a spot, don’t panic and do your best to cover it. It is essential that you don’t do any popping or picking as it will make things even worse. Before you start applying make-up, put an ice cube on the blemish, as this will suppress the bacteria. Use a good concealer to camouflage the area, but make sure to gently tap it into the skin with your fingers to provide good coverage. Alternatively, you can solve the problem with a cortisone shot at your dermatologist.

Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles

Lack of sleep and late night celebrations can cause puffy eyes and dark circles on your big day, which can easily ruin your fabulous bridal make-up look. The most efficient homemade remedy for puffed eyes is to put two metal spoons in the freezer and then hold them on your eyelids for a while. You can repeat the process several times until you reduce the swelling. You can also try round slices of cucumber, which you previously kept in the fridge or cold chamomile teabags. Cooling your eyelids works for dark circles too, but drinking green tea will also help. To make sure your eyes don’t look tired, consider stronger eye make-up on the day and use light-reflecting products to make the skin look brighter and healthier.

Smudged Eye Make-up

A bride can get very emotional on her big day and tears can create a big mess. This can be prevented by choosing and applying only waterproof products, but you should nevertheless have a few emergency products with you in the event of a disaster. Make sure to bring make-up remover, concealer and waterproof mascara for quick clean-ups. You may need these products if you have a last minute doubt and you don’t like your make-up. Remember that bridal make-up normally comprises of lovely pink blusher, juicy lip gloss and layers of mascara that will make your eyes pop, so you don’t need much to look good. Of course, you can opt for a more extravagant look such as a smoky eye or cat flick, but if anything goes wrong, just take it down a bit and remove some of the eyeliner and shadow.

Chipped Nails

Gel nails are the perfect option for weddings and honeymoons as they are very resilient and durable and you simply don’t want to risk a chipped nail. If you prefer a classical manicure instead, make sure to bring a nail clipper and a bottle of nail polish in case of emergency. Opt for polishes that stay longer and dry faster, since you may not have enough time to wait for it to dry properly.

Bad Hair Day

Damp, frizzy hair is another big problem that can potentially ruin your wedding. This shouldn’t happen if professionals are taking care of your hair and you didn’t miss your trial session, but you have to prepare yourself for every eventuality. If you don’t like your hair on the day of the wedding, there are a few tricks you can do. With a good spray and a few bobby pins, you can transform your hair in just a few minutes. If you have long hair, just start with making a ponytail, wrap the ends around the base and secure beneath the hair tie. Don’t worry if your up-do isn’t perfectly neat because slightly messy hair looks sexy and natural. If your hair is short and you don’t like your wedding hairdo, just go back to your everyday style and work with make-up to add some glamour to your bridal look.

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