Health, Hair & Beauty On Your Wedding Day

Achieving a beautiful you on your wedding day won’t happen through wishful thinking. You need careful preparation and a comprehensive health, hair and beauty plan. Here’s a few ideas…


The lead-up to the big event is almost guaranteed to be stressful, so book in for regular stress-busting massages, or take a yoga or meditation class. Next, get hooked on fitness. It’ll give your energy levels a much-needed boost, and tone your body so that you look fabulous.


And you’re unlikely to become the bride of your dreams without sufficient shut-eye! Sleep recharges your batteries and helps your immune system function properly. No time for proper meals? You should rethink your priorities! Eating a well-balanced diet keeps you healthy, and don’t even think about crash dieting.

Weight loss

Set yourself sensible weight loss goals and achieve them with a healthy eating and exercise program. You should step up your H20 intake and avoid overdoing coffee, alcohol, and foods high in salt, fat and sugar.

Hair removal

If hair removal is a factor, discuss your options with your beauty therapist and remember too that a professional make-up artist can work wonders and knows how to bring out your natural beauty. Clever combinations of colour, eyelash extensions, and other beauty enhancers will have you looking your absolute best. If you’re less than happy with your teeth, now’s the time to consult a professional who specialises in caps, veneers, and whitening.


A hairstyle that flatters the shape of your face is a crucial wedding day strategy. Seek the advice of your hair professionals well in advance of your big day, and work with them to make sure your hair is at its best. And don’t go over the top with your style – high maintenance hair can be a worry on the day.

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