Amber Huett Couture

Amber Huett uses only the finest quality European silks and French laces to hand-craft exclusive gowns for brides-to-be.


It’s not often one comes across a Grand Couturiere - even less so on this side of the globe. Someone who is trained in the traditional art of Haute Couture - by the great artisans of Paris no less - and with experience from one of the grand Haute Couture houses of Europe, is a very rare find. Amber Huett has done just that. Spending her career studying Haute Couture in Paris, and going on to work for a famous house in London where crafting gowns for A-list celebrities, the most glamorous royals of the Middle East, and ‘the worlds’ elite’ - as the house described them - was just a normal day.

But Huett doesn’t let that go to her head, ‘To be a couturiere is to be a humble servant,’ she says, ‘but I couldn’t do it without my team, I’m very lucky to have found each one of them.’
It’s easy to see the thought that goes into each design during a consultation with the designer and the house’s stylist. There are countless hand-drawn design sketches to choose from, intricate embroidery samples created in house with individually hand-stitched crystals, pearls, feathers and the odd sequin – they are exquisite. Each clients’ body shape and proportion is considered when designing for them, no detail is left out, everything must be perfect.


‘It’s always wonderful to meet a bride-to-be who wants to have a truly special wedding gown, crafted just for her. We give our brides complete control – from the initial design, to bespoke embroideries, we put our heart and soul into our wedding dresses and so do our brides.’
Only the highest quality components are used for the wedding gowns with beautiful silks imported from Italy and gorgeous laces from France. Swarovski crystals and pearls are used for their quality and lustre. It’s clear Huett has become accustomed to working with the highest quality and refuses to lower her standard. And the finishing on the wedding gowns, being made entirely in the houses atelier her in Sydney and mostly by hand they, have a far less ‘manufactured’ look.

Huett also prides her brand on providing a completely personalised service. ‘We have no sales people who only care about clients from 9-5. I prefer to deal with each client personally. I make sure I’m available to suit their schedules. If they want to know how the dress is going, or they can’t find the right shoe they’ll call me.’ Often it’s not just about the dress, for many this is the lead up to the biggest day of their lives and they want to deal with someone compassionate.
Each pattern is drafted and cut to the millimetre, according to each clients individual measurements ensuring the perfect fit and proportion, then a simple toile is made to test the shape on the client before the true fabric is cut.

An exclusively hand-crafted wedding gown by Amber Huett is a personalised and unforgettable experience - designed to make that special gown even more personal.

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